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From 13 to 15 January in Munich


Also at opti 2023, the opti-BOXES in the YES independent design area in hall C2 are an absolute highlight of the fair. All the more so because the opti BOX AWARD is awarded among start-ups for design frames, supported by eyebizz and Ebner Media Group. For information, an introductory round for the nine participating factories and companies.

The Opti boxes with young start-ups (© opti / GHM)

opti BOX 1

Last name: Martin Schöder, glasses handmade in Germany,

GHM opti boxes 2023 Martin Schoeder
© Martin Schöder

Foundation: 2022, Leipzig

Team: Martin Schöder (CEO), Manuela Kolb (back office), Alana Schöder (sales)

Our glasses must be there for everyone. Flatter the customer, look good, don’t push, don’t disturb.

Our philosophy: In addition to sustainability, quality, the finest craftsmanship and exclusive design, our motto is: “From opticians to opticians.” With over 25 colors and constantly growing, our collection is designed to meet a wide range of wishes in terms of shape and type.

We are sustainable because our packaging is made from organic materials, is recyclable and we have short distances. Our glasses are exclusively handmade from Italian acetate by Mazzucchelli in Germany.

Technically sophisticated we are with our gear regulated hinges.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we would spoil everyone else with that too. Together. Consistent. Complete.

Opti BOX 3

Last name: O-CCX Eyewear,

GHM opti boxes 2023 O-CCX Meyer

Foundation: 2020, Osnabrück

Founder: Peter Meyer

Our glasses is for glasses lovers and independent opticians.

Our philosophy: Your glasses are just like you!

We are sustainable because we have our durable and versatile slim frame made from a resource-saving, recycled castor bean. Slim-O-CCX glasses are a natural product. You can feel it!

We are technically sophisticated, we know thatl we can always adapt our glasses perfectly to the lines of the customer’s face. With their individual design language, the glasses hide the nose area or emphasize special facial features.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because our collection puts a smile on the faces of people who wear glasses and reveals everything that suits you. The shapes express an attitude towards life and reflect the wearer’s personality aesthetically and psychologically. The technologies ensure future viability because they appeal to future customers and make the selection of glasses a breeze.

optiBOX 4

Last name: RAYDIANT,

GHM opti boxes 2023 Raydiant
© Raydiant

Foundation: 2019, Cologne

The team: Carmelo Di Termini (CEO), Sebastian Schäfer, Hubert Westermann, Lars Gerrits (Ambassador)

Our glasses is for people who consciously enjoy: more of the good!

Our philosophy: We remain sustainable, individual and magnetic.

We are sustainable because we consciously use the most sustainable production process (3D printing), keep an eye on supply chains, create products that will still have value tomorrow. And only produce what is really needed.

Technically sophisticated we are thanks to our production process, the possibility of custom-made products and our relaxed and exciting clip system.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we come up with something unique every year!

optiBOX 5

Last name: LARS glasses, a brand of ILEVE OPTICS AG,

© Lars glasses

Foundation: June 2021, Bern (Switzerland)

Founder: Silvia Nadenbousch and Simon Krahenbühl

Our glasses are: for B2B independent opticians who are young (bound), dynamic and open to new things, for whom sustainability is not just marketing and who want to tell our story to their customers, for whom we have a long-term win-win situation with – Wants to enter into a partnership.

Our philosophy: We do not follow short-term fashion trends, we want added value for our customers. We focus on the essentials: the simple, functional, durable, sustainable and local.

We are sustainable because we strive for reusable glass and develop and manufacture our glass entirely in Switzerland. Thanks to 3D printing, we only need as much material as necessary, can produce as needed and rely on regional added value. This shortens transport routes, saves resources and protects the environment.

Technically sophisticated We are thanks to our patented, screw-free click-in hinge. Together with the ergonomic muzzle, we set new standards in terms of carefree wearing comfort.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because… It is up to others to decide – but it is worth trying our glasses in opti BOX.

optiBOX 8

Last name: Poplar Shade,

GHM opti boxes 2023 Poplar Shade
© Poplar Shade

Foundation: 2021, Alessandira (Italy)

Founder: Ian Devercelli

Our glasses are tailored to each customer, therefore unique. All models, whether made from buffalo horn or bioacetate, are produced in limited, hand-numbered batches.

Our philosophy: We manufacture quality eyewear using only natural or biodegradable materials, source locally where possible, and invest a portion of our earnings in reforestation and charitable projects.

We are sustainable because we use only the best natural, biodegradable or recycled materials available, such as Mazzucchelli M49 bioacetate and bio-nylon for our Bio-acetate collection. For every pair of glasses produced, we plant a tree in Guatemala.

We are technically sophisticated because Handiwork is our speciality. Our buffalo horn glass is made according to ancient, complex craftsmanship. It starts with 3D modeling and prototyping to ensure the best fit.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we show that it is possible to do good business with reasonably manufactured quality products and that it has a positive impact on everyone. Preserving a craft that has largely been forgotten means keeping alive the centuries-old history of spectacle making.

optiBOX 10

Last name: 5 Loops,

5Loop's founders Caroline and Andrea
© 5Loops

Foundation: June 2022

Founder: Andrea Sonntag-Vega and Caroline Vega

Our glasses is for stylish adults and teenagers who like classic design in bright colors without neglecting the environmental aspect of eyewear production.

Our philosophy: 5Loops is a sustainable, authentic eyewear brand based on five nature-inspired values: Land (using natural materials), Sea (avoiding waste), Air (implementing a circular economy), Flora (collaborating with others), Fauna (supporting the needy) . ).

We are sustainable because we want to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by glasses and we are committed to the concept of circular economy.

We are technically sophisticated because we combine classic design with bright colors.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we have a sustainable, holistic approach to the production, consumption and “disposal” of glasses, combined with social commitment, without compromising on style and comfort.

opti BOX 11

Last name: YQU GmbH,

opti 2023 YQU GmbH model EYNSTEYN
© YQU Ltd

Foundation: March 2021, Boeblingen

Founder: Our family team consists of Anna, Tim and Terry.

Our glasses is for adults of all ages.

Our philosophy: Our focus is on individuality, quality, service and sustainability.

We are sustainable because we depend on sustainable production in Styria, recyclable materials and short supply chains.

We are technically sophisticated with our unique hinge that allows the poles to rotate up to 360 degrees to suit the occasion, outfit or mood.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we are the inventors of the 2-in-1 glasses.

opti BOX 12

Last name: James Ay,

opti boxes 2023 James Ay
© James Ay

Foundation: 2019, Aarhus (Denmark)

Team: Torben Holt (founder), Daniel Uggerhøj (Partner, Sales), Søren Stage (sales and marketing assistant), Kate Holt, Palle Holt (Warehouse)

Our glasses is for design-conscious people who prefer a sustainable choice without compromising on quality; especially people from 25 to 45 who know what “Follow the sun” means.

Our philosophy: James Ay is a universe of plant-based sunglasses, with the starting point: every time you put on a pair of glasses, the sun illuminates your heart and frees your mind.

We are sustainable because we use Mazzucchelli M49 vegetable acetate and OBE hinges made from 60% recycled metal shavings from old hinges.

We are technically demanding because we do everything 100%: from brand to product and benefits to customer service.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we combine sustainability with great design, quality and competitive price. With “Follow the sun” we have a big claim that runs like a red thread through the entire collection. We want to be an honest brand.

optiBOX 13

Last name: Leipzig Eyewear,

Leipzig glasses Gruenau-Schwarz-Maurice
© Leipzig Eyewear

Foundation: September 2020, Leipzig

Team: Sascha André Barkow (founder), Nicole Reinhardt (product manager), Paul Nestler (internal management, marketing), Theresa Oberbach (social media)

Our glasses is for each, who love individuality – ohb classic or modern, matte or glossy, colorful or simple, a stylish accessory for every occasion.

our philosophy is, the original Saxon coziness with the growing popularity of our diverse and sustainable Leipzig, light as a feather before your eyes, on your nose! We work according to the motto “Support your local”, collaborate with companies, models and photographers from Leipzig and leave our frames here design and manufacture.

We are sustainable because we have short supply chains, very resource-saving in our “one-house manufacturing” manufacture.

We are technically sophisticated in the production of our polyamideFrames in the 3D printer, as no excess waste is produced during the sintering process.

We deserve the opti BOX AWARD because we live the innovation “Made in Germany” and bring a breath of fresh air to the industry as a start-up company.

/// JUEB

Article from eyebizz 1.2023 (December/January)

The Opti BOX AWARD will be presented as part of opti 2023 (13 to 15 January, Munich Exhibition Center) on Saturday 14 January 2023. The award ceremony will take place live at 2.30 pm at the opti BOX Café in Hall C2.

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