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Samsung’s new premium modular refrigerators offer timeless design for food storage. Thanks to the modular design, the fridge, freezer and wine cooler can be combined and blend into the living environment. With slim lines, high-quality materials and smart functions, the appliances in the Infinite Line add style to the kitchen and can keep food fresh for a long time.

Modular design enables a seamless combination of fridge, freezer and wine cooler

“Our new built-in refrigerators from the Bespoke Infinite Line bring timeless aesthetics and high reliability to the premium kitchen,” says Diana Diefenbach, Senior Manager Technical Product Management and Communication at Samsung, about the units. “Combining high-quality materials with a modular design, they offer a perfect blend of style and performance.” Shortly before the premium devices will be available in selected kitchen and furniture retailers in Germany from the second quarter of 2023, Samsung will present them to the large audience at CES in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, 2023.

Timeless design for the premium kitchen

The seamless Infinite Design is characterized by the durable materials, premium finish and elegant design elements that were already inspiring when the devices were announced exclusively to retail partners at IFA 2022 and at area30. The Infinite Design has a matte metallic surface in the color “Timeless Greige”, from which the surrounding gold-copper frame stands out as a special accent. The surface is made of durable aluminum and is scratch and impact resistant. It is also easy to clean from fingerprints and stains.

The elegant black metal cooling on the inside of the refrigerator door stores the cold for a long time and can thus help compensate for the temperature after cold loss. At the same time, it gives the fridge an elegant look. Here, a light band on the inner frame and shelves projects light in all directions, so that the area inside is illuminated.

The fridge and freezer have a total capacity of 805 litres1 while the wine fridge can hold up to 101 bottles.

Ease of use is key

The new Samsung refrigerators open almost by themselves: the door has a touch sensor located on the side, which can help open the door with a little effort.2 For example, shopping can be easily put away or things can be taken out from inside, even if your hands are full or greasy from cooking. The elegant unit design is supported by the handle-free exterior.

The fridge also has a dishwasher3 practically BPA-free4 Pitcher that automatically fills up with filtered water and fruit or herbs5 can be tasted. With Dual Auto Ice Maker6 Ice cubes can also be made in two different sizes.

Flexible cooling for freshness

Customized Infinite refrigerators offer flexible storage options for food. These can be kept fresh for a long time at different temperatures.

Flex drawer7 makes it possible to store different foods at two different storage temperatures. It can be controlled independently of the rest of the cooling device and switched to two different preset temperatures. The two modes are suitable for storing high quality food such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

The three temperature zones8 of the wine fridge offers suitable storage options for wine. With three separate climate zones and precise temperature control, different wine bottles can be stored at the same time.

In connection with the SmartThings Energy app from Samsung, the devices’ power consumption can also be monitored in real time. The app gives users tips on how to reduce their power consumption and thus save money. In the AI ​​energy mode, usage patterns and other energy-related factors can also be analyzed and settings can be optimized to save energy.

Appliances from the Infinite Line will be available exclusively from specialty kitchen and furniture retailers from the second quarter of 2023.

1 Refrigerator capacity: 393L; Freezer capacity: 412L.
2 The door opens automatically with 25 mm. If the door is not opened further, it will automatically close after 2 seconds (automatic closing may not be possible in some environments).
3 Tested for 125 washing cycles according to the test method Mechanical dishwasher resistance of tableware (BS EN 12875-1:2005) and certified dishwasher safe by SGS.
4 Bisphenol A (BPA) is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins commonly used in food and beverage containers.
5 To produce flavored water, the infuser must first be filled with fruit or herbs.
6 Only in the freezer.
7 Only in the fridge.
8 Only in the wine fridge.

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