This new $12 million cryptocurrency could increase 14x in its ICO in just 10 days | 01/01/23


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Dash 2 Trade crypto pre-sale nears $12 million milestone. While 2023 has just begun, pre-sales are almost over. Investors have less than five days to get involved in the innovative platform that aims to become the Bloomberg terminal for the digital currency market. Only about 11% of D2T tokens are currently available. It might be worth being quick if you’re already speculating about a pump for the Dash 2 trading coin at the initial listing on January 11. But why could this new platform for crypto analysis and trading signals even generate increasing demand?

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“Bloomberg Terminal for Cryptos”: Beat the Market with Dash 2 Trade

“Dash 2 Trade builds the most advanced crypto signals and analytics dashboard built by traders for traders. D2T token holders get access to a wide range of crypto signals and analytics to maximize your trading opportunities.”

The claim from those responsible for Dash 2 Trade is clear. They want to use the years of experience of traders, analysts and AI developers to launch an advanced platform that will help investors and traders outperform the market in the future. Because information is the basis for informed trading decisions and profitable setups. Dash 2 Trade is preparing to become the new Bloomberg terminal for the digital currency market – affordable only to private investors who can only afford access to the Bloomberg offering in the rarest of cases.

Dash 2 Trading

Dash 2 Trade also relies on a multifunctional concept for this, so that market participants with different strategies and risk appetite can use and interpret the available tools and crypto signals individually. For example, the following features will soon become part of the Dash 2 Trade offering:

  • Curated trading signals
  • risk profiling
  • social atmosphere
  • Presale analysts
  • ICO scoring with Dash Score
  • Exciting locations
  • Relevant insight
  • on-chain data
  • social commerce
  • API access

More security for crypto investors: high demand for FTX crash

But does it really need deals like Dash 2 Trade? The answer is clear: yes, more than ever. Because after the FTX crash and a challenging crypto year 2022, investors who want to continue investing in digital coins will be even more worried about their security. Risks are best reduced by having an information advantage. However, all data can hardly be filtered manually anymore. An innovative and AI-based platform for crypto analysis a la Dash 2 Trade could be the first choice here in the medium term. With increasing crypto adoption, even exponential growth seems possible if you successfully position yourself in the relevant market segment. A comparison of the features with competing offers gives hope for success.

Dash 2 Trade Comparison

Four lists already confirmed: More than 70,000 traders are behind D2T

Dash 2 Trade started pre-sales in October 2022. Three months later, the crypto project is still at the beginning of a long journey, despite making several progress and completing roadmap goals. After a presale, the liquidity of a token is particularly important. With four lists already confirmed, those responsible have done an excellent job – shortly after the presale, LBank, BitMart, ChangellyPro and Uniswap will initially include the D2T token in their offerings.

At the same time, the modern analysis platform for cryptos can count on the support of well over 70,000 traders. Because Dash 2 Trade comes from the center of Learn 2 Trade, an experienced trading community with over 70,000 members.

Only five more days of pre-sale: Last chance for brave 10x investors

Everyone wants to multiply their initial investment, especially after a challenging year 2022. If you want to speculate on a 10x performance or more directly in January 2023, you should take a closer look at Dash 2 Trade. Because without a doubt, the ERC-20 token with the platform solution of the same name has everything it takes to create real hype.

Just one week later, the first CEX listing takes place on 11 January. In the meantime, the investors will receive all the information about the token claim. At the same time, the launch of the D2T dashboard will take place immediately after the end of the pre-sale.

Buy D2T in pre-sale now

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