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The selection of cryptocurrencies at Binance is gigantic. Anyone who opens an account here can list hundreds of cryptocurrencies without barriers via CEX. At the same time, Binance is the crypto exchange with the highest trading volume per day. A Binance listing is considered a price driver for new coins, as a lot of liquidity can then flow into the new crypto project. Because many investors are still hesitant to use DEX or smaller exchanges which usually initially list a new token at the beginning. A Binance listing is therefore basically a bullish price driver, so it may be worth taking a look at cryptocurrencies that Binance may support in 2023.

Why is a Binance listing so important?

The daily trading volume of the crypto exchange Binance exceeds the turnover of other CEX by a multiple. Binance is the most popular CEX in the world. Over 120 million registered users trust Binance’s offering, which includes over 360 listed cryptocurrencies. Billions of dollars are traded here every day. This liquidity is what new cryptocurrencies aim for. The Binance listing is so important for new coins because it makes it easier to generate more liquidity.

At the same time, listings at Binance increase awareness of the new tokens, since with a selection of over 22,000 tokens according to CoinMarketCap data, hardly any project is known. However, when a Binance listing is made, customers will have access to more information and will be able to analyze the coins on their own.

In addition, the listing makes a major contribution to a good reputation. When a coin is listed on Binance, it is considered more trustworthy. If the world’s largest crypto exchange has decided on a new IPO, the project must have some future potential, right?

Binance Innovation Zone as a first step

In addition to the conventional listing at Binance, those responsible have created a so-called “Innovation Zone”, which is the first step on the way to regular Binance listing for many coins. Using the Innovation Zone, Binance customers should be able to trade new coins directly with the Binance account without having to turn to decentralized crypto exchanges.

Nevertheless, in a public letter on the Innovation Zone, Binance CEO CZ points to the need for independent research to be done before any investment – ​​regardless of whether the world’s largest crypto exchange lists the coin or not.

“Remember, no one is forcing you to trade. And buying everything on stock exchanges without doing your own research is not a good strategy. Projects can have several positive and negative developments at any time that affect their price. You need to understand what you buy.”

These three new coins have a good chance of a Binance listing

Of course, Binance futures are best traded when the listing has not yet been published. Because experience has shown that the price will rise quickly as soon as the confirmation is made. The full return can only be achieved if you decide on an upcoming listing in advance. The following three coins are exciting projects that not only target high-growth target markets, but may also be eligible for a Binance listing in 2023.

1. Fight Out (FGHT)


FightOut is a new move-2-earn cryptocurrency whose pre-sale only started in mid-December 2022. Despite the most unfavorable market environment, those responsible were able to collect about 2.5 million dollars in pre-sale in the first two weeks. The concept behind FightOut is well received in the community – no wonder, because the linking of fitness with Web3 has a promising future. At the same time, FightOut’s individual Move-2-Earn concept is an approach that everyone can certainly understand and relate to. In the future, FightOut will monitor the real training sessions and display them on Web3 using a variety of statistics. For this purpose, a digital avatar is used in the fitness metaverse, which evolves as the training progresses. Those who participate early in the presale now also have the chance to claim up to 50% more tokens as a bonus.

For the FightOut presale

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 trading

The Dash 2 Trade Presale is fast approaching its end. It will be about eight days before the first centralized crypto exchange D2T will first be listed. About 85% of tokens are currently sold out. With over $11 million in capital raised, Dash 2 Trade shows potential for success. But the ambitions of those responsible are greater – Dash 2 Trade must become THE platform for crypto analysis and curated trading signals that will enable market participants to trade even more profitably in the future. With Dash 2 Trade, investors and traders of all stripes can access multi-functional features. Four listings have already been confirmed with LBank, BitMart, ChangellyPro and Uniswap – Binance 2023, the trading exchange with the highest turnover for cryptocurrencies, may also follow. The strong reputation with a close connection to the Learn2Trade trading community (over 70,000 members) should also make those in charge at Binance think.

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3. IMPT.io (IMPT)

IMPT Marketplace

The eco-friendly cryptocurrency IMPT completed the pre-sale in December 2022 and immediately ventured the first listing. Significant profit inflows initially depressed the price of the IMPT token, but the recovery and consolidating sideways movement quickly followed. Investors should now ensure that IMPT.io promotes its own platform for blockchain-based emission trading and that progress is constantly announced. With the gigantic target market – the optional emissions trading – and a sustainable branding, IMPT could position itself as a long-term investment for the masses. A solid development could then also move Binance to an IPO, which should act as the next price driver.

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