The 6 Best Crypto Gifts for Christmas!

Ho Ho Holterdiepolter, Christmas is just around the corner!

If you still haven’t found the right Christmas gift in all the turbulence, take a quick look at our list of the 6 best last minute crypto gifts.

Simple and fast: Bitcoin under the Christmas tree

The positives are: The crypto gift is wrapped in 10 minutes! In addition, the recipient can use bitcoins as a means of payment on their next holiday in Brazil. If that’s not a reason to plan your next vacation!

For example, BlueWallet from Play or App Store is recommended for a Bitcoin gift. Depending on who the gift is intended for, you can give the newly created wallet a creative name. For example “Ho Ho Hodl Bitcoin”. Once you have configured the wallet, BlueWallet will show you 12 English words. It is best to note this seed phrase. Once the wallet is created, you can fill it with the desired amount of BTC.

Now you just have to prepare the 12 words in the right order and put them under the Christmas tree. Then you can download the wallet together with the recipient and explain directly why it is important to keep the seed set safe and secret. Also practical: you can flexibly fill the purse again and again on the next festive occasions if you don’t have a gift at hand.

Play It Safe: The Hardware Crypto Wallet

A hardware wallet probably offers the most secure storage of cryptos. Providers such as BitBox, Trezor or Ledger offer different models and price ranges that make the heart of every crypto fan beat faster.

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Of course, you can also combine the hardware wallet with the first gift idea. Together with the gifted person, you can browse the online stores, learn about the different types of crypto depository, read reviews and choose the right product.

But always order from the original suppliers.

Above: Protect the backup phrase with dignity

Whether the recipient already has a seedphrase-secured wallet or you just gifted it: Storage of the 12 or 24 words is a much debated topic in the crypto space. The ink fades, paper quickly ends up in the bin and a framed seed set in the hallway only makes sense to a limited extent.

The solution is Seedor. With this, crypto fans can play it safe and engrave their backup phrase into a stainless steel plaque. This means that access to the wallet is also secured in the event of fire, water damage or acid attack. But due to the price of 149 euros, the purchase of the engraving set can probably only pay for itself from a certain amount in the wallet. It pays to look for a cheaper engraving alternative.

Seedor engraving set
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For the lumberjack: RaspiBlitz Lightning Node

For crypto geeks or those who want to become one, there is a complete package to build a Bitcoin Lightning node yourself, including instructions. Because the Lightning Network is growing and growing. It may make sense to support the network with a little initiative. However, the total price for all components is between 150 and 200 euros.

If the components don’t arrive on time, that’s no problem. Finally, it is a good idea to first study some assembly instructions and investigate what is possible with this node. This can turn into an evening-long activity, complete with a few GitHub docs and YouTube videos.

Bitcoin Lightning Node
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For the endlessly curious: A crypto bestseller

A voucher for a book always works! Because you didn’t know exactly which book to order, you put together a small selection. The recipient can choose between them and you buy the work together. This gives you a good reason why your gift is still waiting a long time. Between holidays the book should then arrive by post appropriately.

The book list could look like this:

  • “Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains” by Antony Lewis: This book offers a comprehensive introduction into the basics of bitcoins and blockchains and explains how these technologies work.
  • “Blockchain Revolution” by Don and Alex Tapscott: This book explores The impact of blockchain technology about the economy and society and shows how it can transform the way we do business and shape our relationships with each other.
  • “Master Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos: This book is a comprehensive guide to the technology behind bitcoins and provides an in-depth look at how crypto works.
  • Also the book “Mastering Ethereum” makes a great gift for fans of the pioneer of Smart contracts.
  • “The Truth Machine” by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey: This book explores The history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and shows how they could transform the financial system and the way we do business.

In an hour’s research, you can put together a nice list and put it under the Christmas tree.

With a known crypto address: A nice Christmas Shitcoin

The days of shitcoins seem over since the beginning of the bear market. But far from it: the creative minds in the crypto space are celebrating the festival of love with some Christmas offers. If you have the wallet address of the person you want to gift, just send him or her some shitcoins. Maybe twice the price.

For example, how about a “Christmas Shiba”, “Christmas Doge” or “Christmas Floki” via PancakeSwap? – Important disclaimer: This is not an investment recommendation!

Christmas Doge Coinmarketcap
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But if you create a wallet with your loved ones, you can always transfer small batches of coins and tokens that you’ve found good for the next festival. So there is always a reason for a short talk about the crypto and blockchain space. And what fills the crypto fan with more joy than a short talk about technology?

So now you should be prepared for the celebration of love and be able to relax and enjoy the last days of the crazy year 2022 – when all the gifts are ready to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

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