TrueUSD: What is this stablecoin really capable of? | 29/12/22

The slogan for TrueUSD stablecoin is: Trusted, Transparency, Real-Time Attested. Let’s take a closer look and analyze how stablecoins can really minimize the impact of volatile crypto prices. We also specifically question the transparency of TrueUSD and look at current crypto pre-sales tied to a stablecoin.

  • TrueUSD: 308,771 addresses of token holders
  • TUSD can be bet on Ethereum, Tron and BSC
  • TCNH is the stablecoin for the Chinese Yuan
  • Many crypto pre-sales are tied to stablecoins

What is TrueUSD?

As a stablecoin, TrueUSD is pegged to the USD exchange rate and offers investor protection by requiring the token issuer to hold the sum of deposits in USD in its reserves. TrueUSD is released by the TrustToken platform, which has already launched other stablecoins such as TrueGBP and TrueCHF. The main task of the ERC-20 token is to hedge and minimize investors’ risks.

Compared to other stablecoins, TrueUSD is said to have more transparency than its competitors. The supply of TUSD is secured with banks on escrow accounts in the form of US dollars. Customers could access these foreign exchange reserves in the event of the company’s insolvency, subject to compliance with all regulations. As the recent FTX bust showed, issuer statements are not worth relying on by themselves.

How is transparency guaranteed with TrueUSD?

With stablecoins, the concept of transparency is not only about the disclosure of currency reserves, but also about security for investors. Basically, it’s about TrueUSD saying that it is acting particularly transparently and securely in the interests of investors. I have proven thatt the merger of TrustToken and registered administrators and banks.

TrustToken itself does not have access to the deposits, so the company cannot abuse them. So should this measure Increase investor confidence in stablecoin. The insoles are checked during regular checks and the result is published on the armanino company blog. It is also possible to download the entire report as a PDF.

Company Armanino and Trust Explorer are available to all interested users with real-time data on deposits.

Stablecoins were more popular than ever in 2022

According to data from Coin Metrics, over $7 trillion was transferred to blockchains in stablecoins by 2022. By the end of the year, it is expected to be around $8 trillion. It is becoming increasingly clear that stablecoins such as TrustUSD have become significant market participants. Their total number of transactions now approaches the Visa network, which processes about $12 trillion a year. Despite the decline in the crypto market, stablecoins continue to dominate trading on the largest exchanges.

The use of stablecoins is also increasing due to the recent events surrounding the busted exchange FTX. Market leaders such as Binance and have joined forces to regain investor confidence. Numerous crypto pre-sales also use itIt is a stable coin to back their utility tokens.

According to CoinGecko, stablecoins currently make up about 16.5% of the market in terms of market capitalization. According to the platform, the value of all stablecoins together should be around 140 billion USD. The market is currently dominated by USDT, the stablecoin Tether linked to the US dollar. The total supply is currently 66.3 billion USDT. The Circle USDC stablecoin follows in second place with 44.3 billion USDC.

Crypto pre-sales betting on USDT

#1 FightOut

Move-2-Earn is the new concept for the fitness industry where users don’t just get any digital fitness app, but full access to the fitness metaverse. The sports industry is facing major upheavals, fewer and fewer will train alone in a closed room. FightOut is motivated by personal avatar as NFTwhich receives prizes and rewards in the form of new coins for each sport reward by the user.

FightOut is revolutionizing the fitness industry, users get exclusive video sessions with well-known and experienced coaches, book private lessons or learn everything about fitness boxing. The platform was founded by experienced business people, famous boxing athletes and financial experts and enables easy access to the virtual world of Metaverse. Fightout’s utility token is pegged to the stablecoin USDT.

FightOut is available in Pre-Sales: Buy $FGHT now!

#2 Dash2Trade

Cryptocurrencies are almost impossible to master, their rates can easily lose 10% of their value in just one day. Even with the daily new releases of over 10,000 coins, there is a lot to consider to know which crypto presales are really good for what. Dash2Trade brings Trading signals for the crypto market provides beginners and professionals with valuable on-chain data, insights, analysis and technical indicators to spot key buy and sell signals.

Dash2Trade will list its $D2T utility token on the first exchange in January 2023, making it publicly tradable. So far this is only possible via the pre-sale, but that rewarded with lower rates. This crypto pre-sale is also linked to the stablecoin USDT.

Take a chance on the $D2T Pre-Sales and join now!

#2 Calvary

The P2E game Calvaria is aimed at strategists and gamers who like to play with card games and NFT. In the Battle of the Underworld, various avatars, based on Spanish mythology, engaged in the battle of good against evil. Additional features are unlocked for players via NFT. However, NFT can also be traded on marketplaces, which can provide passive income.

With Calvaria, especially beginners learn how to get started with crypto trading and the customs of the crypto market. The developers have developed the game especially for this target audience to learn the steps of crypto trading in simple steps with exciting gameplay. that Rewards in the form of new coins in the internal currency D2T also offers a valuable approach. $RIA is also linked to a stablecoin namely Tether USD, USDT.

Play the exciting NFT card game and get great rewards!

Conclusion: Stablecoin makes a valuable contribution in the volatile cryptocurrency markets, ensuring more security, stability and trust. Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise with the increasing use of stablecoins like USDT also used by leading crypto pre-sales.

At the moment is Pre-sale of FightOut, Dash2Trade and Calvaria interesting for investors, as these are linked to the stablecoin USDT and thus offer more security, transparency and stability. Dash2Trade is also going IEO on an exchange, making it the last opportunity to buy the utility token $D2T at a particularly low price.

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