Mayhem Financial Crypto Scam? Special attorney for IT law is the right contact person

Financial services provider Mayhem Financial ( has been named in connection with brokerage fraud. The police have confirmed to me in discussions that these crimes occur frequently. The perpetrators place ads, sometimes with celebrities unbeknownst to them, advertising huge profit opportunities.

Based on my research, Mayhem Financial ( has strong suspicions of losing investments. There is therefore a need for strategic action. An important clue:

Reputable brokers never ask you for taxes, which must be paid to the broker and not to the tax office.

Earn a lot of money with 250.00 euros

Gullible investors keep falling for online scammers. The scams look professional, and initially the capital investment is manageable. A trading account is set up with the respective broker with EUR 250.00 and the perpetrators then invest the funds. Strong price development can be seen on the trading account.

In a criminal case in Munich, an online fraudster is currently being prosecuted. The claim is commercial and gang fraud in more than 300 cases with a loss of 8.7 million euros to those affected. As described above, several investors were initially invited to deposit EUR 250.00. After successful initial investments, there were repeated remittances. According to law enforcement authorities’ findings, front companies to whom the payments have been made operate in such constellations. The platforms appeared with names like “Safe Markets” or “Cryptopoint”.

Another criminal case is also pending at the Münster Regional Court. Although the inventor of an alleged “cryptocurrency” is on the run, long prison terms are predicted for the middlemen. It resulted in widespread damage with a composite “Bitcoin success story.” Several tens of thousands of victims fell for the scam.

According to the police’s knowledge, many server infrastructures are run in the USA or the Netherlands. The call centers are often based in Eastern Europe. Some rip-off online brokers are credibly registered in Cyprus. Such firms then move the stolen funds to offshore accounts or convert the proceeds into cryptos.

Investigating authorities have significant problems understanding the money. However, IT forensics professionals are increasingly recognizing how the fraud cases were actually carried out.

The broker’s place of business is relevant

Patience and a good search is required to find out the details of a place of business on the website The details can often be found at the bottom of the website, mostly in small, illegible letters. Users should only note the information with prior “annoying” effort.

Many fraudsters have offices abroad, sometimes even in unknown island countries. You should look into and research the provider accordingly if the corporate headquarters are set up in remote locations. Legal proceedings or law enforcement in the Caribbean or in some other countries are only possible in individual cases. Then you, as the person affected, have to choose other procedures to get back the money you thought was lost.

Stressed with daily calls from broker Mayhem Financial (

Some of those affected tell me of daily attempts to call and contact me after further payments were declined. The respective contact persons do not let go. It should be noted that the account with the broker Mayhem Financial ( may be suspended or penal interest imposed. All narratives and stories are always aimed at scaring the affected and persuading them to make further payments.

In the conversations, it is often said that a payment is only possible after the tax due has been settled, which must be paid directly to the broker. If such a claim is made against you, you should not make any payment under any circumstances. There is no legal regulation and no other reason not to transfer a tax to the tax office, but directly to the broker.

You can only try to block the respective phone numbers of the broker’s contacts. In the next step, the calls come from new phone numbers that have not yet been blocked.

What is the value of payout confirmations?

Business relationships with questionable financial service providers often last several weeks and months before the first payment requests are made by the customer. Those affected then experience various excuses and arguments as to why a payment is not possible. If this does not help, the provider will argue that another deposit is needed before the payment can be made, for example to settle a tax liability.

When a customer falls for this trick, payment is expected. When the customer asks, the perpetrators often send “payment confirmations” of various kinds to reassure the customer.

Such payment confirmations are fake. Bank receipts or official confirmations, which are supposed to represent corresponding payment transactions, also turn out to be forgeries.

A real payment does not reach those affected. The providers then argue with new “narratives” and demand further payments, but then finally enable a payment.

Where are my winnings?

Customers experience threats that winnings will be withheld. Only by making an additional payment can the withholding be prevented.

Under no circumstances should you take these threats or actions seriously. This assumes that your funds have actually been invested in some form of financial product.

Scam companies do not invest their funds in stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies. Prizes shown to them are manipulated representations. The perpetrators hope that they will be weakened by the high profit and still make a payment.

How can I get my money back now?

Join the fight against fraudsters and assert your claims against Mayhem Financial ( I operate across national borders and am used to communicating in several languages. This also allows me to contact the various European regulatory authorities.

You get a free initial assessment. Then you can decide whether you want to leave it to me to assert your claims.

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