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German Design Award 2023 for Ergon

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Tuesday 20 December 2022

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Excellent in ergonomics and design!

At this year’s German Design Award 2023, Ergon won twice – with the SR Allroad Core saddle and with the GP1 Evo grip, each in the Excellent Product Design category. Well, if that’s not a reason to celebrate…

Successful end of the year with two top class awards for Ergon! The SR Allroad Core saddle and GP1 Evo grip have won the prestigious German Design Award 2023 in the category “Excellent Product Design”. Based on a total of 4,500 submissions, 36 international design experts from business, education, science and the design industry decided on the awarding of the coveted awards.

Every year, the most innovative design trends in various sectors and in the three award disciplines “Excellent Product Design”, “Excellent Communications Design” and “Excellent Architecture” are honored at the German Design Awards. The proportion of international submissions from a total of 60 countries was recently 50 percent. It is therefore all the more gratifying that two Ergon products could assert themselves against this qualitatively and quantitatively high-quality international competition.

Here are the jury’s reasons:

SR Allroad Core:
Thanks to the innovative high-tech damper, the “SR Allroad Core” bike saddle absorbs shocks caused by bumps on the road and thus significantly increases riding comfort.

GP1 Evo:
Thanks to its ergonomic design, the further improved “GP1 Evo” bike grip proactively counteracts numb fingers, sore hands and forearms, thereby significantly increasing riding comfort.

There is also great joy at Ergon: “We feel very honored and are really proud that two Ergon products were able to convince the expert jury at the same time,” reveals Ergon Marketing Manager and Managing Director Ingo Kahnt: “This award confirms once again The fact that we have understood our customers’ needs and requirements inspires us in our efforts to develop products that significantly increase the riding pleasure of all cyclists.”

SR Allroad Core – damping without compromise
The unique CORE HD® structure with full-surface BASF Infinergy® shock absorbers absorbs bumps on the road like never before. The ergonomic core between saddle and seat foam ensures a sporty, firm and at the same time comfortable racing bike feel for all modern disciplines such as all-road or gravel. Thanks to full-surface shock absorption, significantly reduced seat pressure and an unadulterated driving experience, there is real shock absorption without compromise.

GP1 Evo – the comfort reference made in Germany
The world’s best-selling wing grip has been the reference for ergonomic, pain-free cycling for many years. The comfort original has now been further optimized in function, material and design – maximum quality down to the smallest detail, manufactured in Germany. The new GP1 Evo prevents numb fingers, sore hands and forearms. It also protects against broken wrists and possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

The GP1 Evo grip is expected to be available from specialist dealers from March 2023.

After 2010 (GP5 grip), 2012 (PC2 contour pedal), 2014 (SM3 Pro carbon saddle), 2016 (BE1 Enduro Protect) and 2020 (GA3), Ergon was able to win Germany’s most important design award for the sixth and seventh time receiving a of his holistically developed products.

The Design Council
The German Design Award is awarded by the German Design Council, which since 1953 has been the world’s leading competence center for communication and knowledge transfer in the areas of design, branding and innovation. With international offers, promotion of young talent and memberships, it is part of the global design community and has always contributed to establishing exchanges and networks worldwide.

About ergon
“Ergonomics for cyclists. Perfectly thought out to the end.” This is the philosophy behind the Ergon brand.To live up to this claim, Ergon has had its own development department at the company location in Koblenz since 2004 and relies on highly qualified specialists in all fields: industrial designers, sports doctors, racing drivers, sports scientists – professionals experts from their own subject. In addition, there is a strong German partner network for material research, production and testing. All this makes Ergon what the brand has stood for from the beginning – German Innovation – with the aim of developing products that noticeably increase driving pleasure for everyone cyclists.


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