The German Design Award recognizes these 20 e-bikes

The German Design Award is a German design award that does not only assess appearance. The “German Design Council” has set itself the task of rewarding promising developments. Of course, the electric bike must not be missing. Around 20 e-bikes received awards this year, along with a range of practical accessories.

These e-bikes receive the German Design Award 2023

Geero 2 - eBike News
Geero’s retro style is well received, among others by the jury of the German Design Awards.

Many e-bikes receiving the German Design Award 2023 do not appear particularly unusual at first glance, but for the jury it was often small details that gave the models the decisive spark of added value.

That’s how E-MTB is Nox Epium score and above all because of its suspension and weight Vaast E/1 impresses with a smart integration of the driveline in the frame. Two e-bikes from Geero (das gero 2+ City in cream and that gero 2 in vinyl) received the award due to their retro design, which hides the modern technology of e-bikes well.

Even trekking e-bikes like that Hepha trekking and Canyon Procedure: ON 7 could win a prize. Besides, they won Wanderer E-Fold F5that Hercules Urbanico I-8 and two e-bikes from Storck (e: Radar soil.1 and e:adrenaline.2 SRS) The designer award.

Even more unusual e-bikes were awarded the Design Award

Corratec Dual
The Corratec Life S Dual received an award because it can also be ridden by people with balance disorders.

Designer e-bikes are generally perceived as ultra-clean bikes with unusual frame shapes. They also received points at the German Design Award.

To Corratec Life S Dual is an e-bike with two front wheels that, according to the German Design Award, combines “innovative design with functional details” and even received a “Special Mention”. Also that Nord e-bike (Title image) certainly does not live up to all the expectations one has for e-bikes in general. The e-bike gets an award because it’s just “stylish”. Also the Swedish designer electric bike Whey pedal scores with form and function.

To Mokumono Polder On the other hand, the jury was not only impressed visually, but also in terms of production. The eye-catching metal frame is produced fully automatically in the Netherlands and looks like it was made in one piece. Other frame parts are now also produced in the Netherlands, which reduces the ecological footprint through short supply chains.

The idea of Roetz’s lifethe e-bike for eternity, which can be customized thanks to its modular design and can therefore be used for a lifetime.

Roetz Life - eBike News
Roetz e-bikes must last a lifetime.

Cargo bikes inspire the jury

In a world where parking spaces in the city are becoming scarce and traffic is getting heavier, cargo bikes are seen as a possible alternative to the car. That is why they also received a lot of attention at the German Design Award 2023. The award winners show a number of different forms and areas of application.

To Mate SUV promises the jury “incomparably more freedom and happiness” in city traffic and that Vello Sub Long Tail proves how loads can also be transported behind the driver. To Urban Arrow family however, proving that well-known designs with modern technical updates can shine again and again every year.

But also new e-bike concepts like this About Go FS200 convince the jury. The e-bike works with recesses in the frame, as well as helpful struts and clamps. Last but not least, Rytle could with his Powerful electric bike MovR3 prove that even heavier loads can get from A to B on an e-bike.

Mate SUV - eBikeNews
A designer e-bike should look so clean.
Ca Go cargo bike - eBikeNews
Even small changes in the design make the difference, as here on the Ca Go FS200 Vario

Accessories for bicycles and e-bikes receive a design award

Not only e-bikes were able to cash in properly, the technology associated with them also received a number of awards. Of Saddle SR Allroad Corearound Brake brake light glow up to Truck Hautoo there were prizes. Self Bafang three-speed internal gear hub received an award.

But safety also has its price: Uvex is used for its own Urban Planet LED helmet award-winning, which is made from recycled materials in Germany and is still aesthetically convincing.

With its smart pedals, Garmin was also able to give a little surprise: The Pedals Rally RS200 measure your own performance while driving. Other winning products are the bicycle saddle bag Silca Mattone and E-bike headlight AES-230. The backpack Bag roll top 22Lwhich, like the backpacks from Valkental, can be carried as a bike bag or rucksack, also received a German Design Award.

However, the winners will have to wait a little longer before they can physically receive their prize. Although the award for the German Design Award has already been announced, the official award ceremony will not take place until spring 2023.

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