6 New Cryptocurrencies With a Future in 2023: Which Cryptocurrency Should You Buy Now? | 25/12/22


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For many people, the quiet Christmas days are a time to take a deep breath and reflect on the really important things in life. Nevertheless, a few minutes should still pass between extensive meals, where one can also deal with the topic of financial investments, investment or the beloved crypto market.

About a week before the turn of the year, we therefore want to take a look at crypto pre-sales that can provide an above-average return in 2022. The focus is on new cryptocurrencies. Established Altcoins are the better fundamental investments. However, new cryptocurrencies with a future can act as a yield booster and at the same time increase the diversification of a less risk-averse portfolio.

1. Fight it out

The new FightOut presale only started in mid-December and will therefore have its focus in 2023. After just over a week of presale, the new Move-2-Earn coin is already approaching a $2.5 million capital raise, while the wider crypto market continues to correct and Bitcoin is approaching new historical lows for 2022. FightOut is likely to be one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies with a future in 2023. Finally, looking at the white paper, the concept, which is significantly more far-reaching than competing M2E coins like STEPN or SWEAT, quite convincingly.

FightOut avatar

FightOut relies on a targeted connection of Web3 with real fitness studios, of which it wants to open the first FightOut gym in the fourth quarter of 2023. With the native ERC-20 token FGHT, the athletes get access to the diverse ecosystem and can shape their own NFT right after the start – the individual FightOut avatar, which is based on the real training progress. In the future, athletes could interact in the Metaverse, participate in competitions, collect rewards and at the same time do something good for their health.

For the FightOut presale

2. EstateX

The EstateX pre-sale has so far been a success and is characterized by dynamic demand. The first “Community Rounds” have now ended. Now the next “private round” will be processed before the public launch on LaunchPad.


In line with the decentralized claim, the promising concept aims to make people more accessible to traditional finance – here the real estate market. Real estate is considered a safe investment worldwide and is very popular among people. Nevertheless, investing in the real estate market involves various challenges. Broker fees are high, real estate tends to be illiquid. At the same time, you must have a good credit rating to really invest in real estate privately.

EstateX wants to provide the solution and revolutionize the fractional real estate ownership industry. The goal is a gigantic market. The concept behind EstateX is immediately exciting. Now all that remains is to do something and after the pre-sale make the platform really safe and accessible to everyone to make real estate investment feasible.

3. Dash 2 Trade

Less than 20% of all tokens are available. There is also a strong momentum in Dash 2 Trade during Christmas. With less than 13 days left, investors still have time to buy the native D2T token at $0.0533. The collection of capital may already be over 11 million dollars by Christmas. The targeted hard cap of $13,420,750 still looks achievable – a strong signal in the bearish market environment.

The potential for the coming year is especially the advanced, basic development. Thanks to the support of private equity, those responsible were able to start developing the AI-based and innovative trading platform at an early stage, whose presale function is to be launched on January 5.

Dash-2-Trade dashboard

Scheduled for January 11th is the first CEX listing, bringing the native ERC-20 token, which provides access to the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, to public trading. The desire for professional crypto analysis will move investors in 2023 and possibly fuel the demand for Dash 2 Trade thanks to obvious advantages over competitors.

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4. Dolz.io

400 million out of one billion DOLZ tokens will be sold to interested investors in the presale. As a new cryptocurrency with a future for 2023, the roadmap reveals important milestones for the first two quarters of the coming year. Because you will issue the first fan tokens, you will need to perform the DEX listing and also manage CEX listings. At the same time, the NFT Creator platform must be launched to enable the establishment of digital business models.


The target industry looks attractive because the adult industry is considered to be fast growing and non-cyclical. In the future, different facets of adult entertainment will revolve around the Dolz.io ecosystem, such as play-2-earn games, stripper NFTs or the erotic VR Paradise VR game.

5. Calvary

Less than 17% of tokens are still available in the Calvaria presale. In January, the crypto exchange BKEX will conduct the IEO for the native RIA token, so an above-average return may be possible in the next four weeks. Incidentally, those who had already invested in Calvaria at the beginning could already record a triple-digit return thanks to an initial pre-sale price of $0.01.


Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, including the original RIA token, still has potential for 2023. Because as an innovatively designed NFT game, the goal is to enter the mass market by combining a Web2 app for smartphones and a Web3 application for P2E – players. At the same time, there is a focus on innovative 3D avatars, a mobile gaming experience and low-cost transactions via the Polygon layer 2 scaling solution.

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6. DexCheck

DexCheck is a cryptoanalysis platform centered around the native DXCHECK token. This should allow access to the platform, all fees are also paid in DXCHECK. As a new generation of analytics solutions, they want to make all data available for NFTs and DEX to make investment decisions more intelligently. The approach is promising, the digital currency market has considerable growth potential. With the increasing number of crypto investors, professional analysis tools are also required.

Nevertheless, the website is currently not very intuitive and the number of followers on the social networks is manageable. At the same time, there is currently a far more far-reaching solution in pre-sales with Dash 2 Trade. Unlike DexCheck, Dash 2 Trade also relies on the lucrative market segment of crypto pre-sales to discover the best new coins before the crowd. The video presentation of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard also shows a much more appealing design with a high level of clarity and intuitive handling.

For the new crypto analysis platform Dash 2 Trade

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