Ethereum forecast: what is still possible until 2023 and what alternatives you should know | 24/12/22


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The crypto market remains suspiciously quiet. The narrow sideways movement of the last few days on the Ethereum chart has been going on for an unusually long time and is not expected to change in the coming days. Right now, everything looks like we’ll see one close to around $1,200 this year. Meanwhile, the end of Calvaria and the Dash 2 Trade presale is fast approaching. Significantly larger price jumps could be seen here in the coming year. Investors expect price increases of 1,000% and more. This would correspond to a tenfold increase in the invested capital.

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Ethereum is not really making progress and has been consolidating in the $1,200 area for weeks. Market dominance is slightly increasing and currently stands at 18.4 percent, while the total market value of all ethers in circulation is around $149 billion. Even the price targets that can still be targeted this year do not give hope for anything big. Since mid-November, support and resistance have formed, which are becoming increasingly tight around the current area, and from which it seems difficult to break out. If capital is withdrawn from the crypto market during the holidays, the $1,160 area is where the Ether price can be expected to rise again. Even in the bullish scenario, the resistances are not far from the current price. With an increase in the area of ​​1,260 dollars, but most recently at 1,300 dollars, profit taking can be expected again. So it seems that there will be no big surprises in store in 2022. However, the situation is very different with D2T and RIA tokens. The pre-sale of both coins will end here soon.

Dash 2 Trading

Dash 2 Trade provides crypto trading signals to D2T token holders. In addition, there is already a community behind the Learn 2 Trade Academy, which over time has already had more than 70,000 followers. The Twitter account also has more than 40,000 followers. This large community is already a clear indication that the D2T token can go through the roof in the coming year. This is underscored by the fact that well over $10.5 million has already been sold in the presale, and nearly 80% of the tokens are sold out. The presale ends in a few days and anyone who still wants to take advantage should buy their D2T tokens now quickly at a cheap fixed price before they find their true value after listing on the first exchanges. Everything is currently pointing to a huge price jump that could bring investors extremely high returns as soon as the coin is listed on the first crypto exchange from January 11, 2023.

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Calvary-Duels of Eternity

Take advantage of Play 2 Earn hype in the coming year and secure your $RIA in the presale now. Only for a short time.

Calvaria – Duels of Eternity is an NFT trading card game featuring 3D characters from the underworld. The player chooses one of the three dark armies and competes in a duel against his challengers. In regular tournaments in the Calvaria universe, participants can win the $RIA token. In addition to the Play 2 Earn feature, there will also be a free version of the game to reach the widest possible audience. $RIA is also currently in the final pre-sale phase. More than 134 million RIA tokens have now been sold here. This means that 83% of these are already sold out, and anyone who still wants to benefit from the fixed price in the pre-sale needs to hurry. After this, when the RIA is traded on the crypto exchanges and finds its actual value, the price can increase by a multiple. In the past, pre-sales of similar promising projects have already given their investors a return of several thousand percent. If you still want to create the opportunity for the coming year to be a part of the possible price explosion of the $RIA token, you better be quick. Here are the last available RIA tokens before the presale ends.

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