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Free Christmas Eve? With a full stomach on the sofa? We have an idea of ​​what you can do with time.

“Bitcoin is not going away. Everyone has to learn to deal with it. Everyone for himself will come into contact with Bitcoin – sooner or later”. This is the last word that has it all. With “Human B | The Knowledge Journey into the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole” brought Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlen Bäumer a real eye-catcher about a year ago – not only for crypto fans. After a turbulent year in crypto, 2022 is definitely worth a click, as is the new Vice documentary about the crypto space (more on that later).

Human B

The documentary, which is freely available on YouTube, explains the Bitcoin value proposition from the perspective of the five protagonists: Gigi, Marc Friedrich, Jan, Anita Posch, Friedemann Brenneis and Alessandro Cecere, who report on their very personal journey of discovery into the so-called Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. The focus of the film is less bitcoin, the asset to get rich, and more bitcoin, the tool. A tool for freedom and self-determination – always in opposition to the shortcomings of the Fiat system which works against it.

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In this way, viewers are introduced to concepts such as the Catillon effect or debt-based money creation in the fiat money system. It explains why Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies and why growth is indeed inevitable. In contrast to documentaries such as the controversial ARD Contrast work, which sees Bitcoin from a negative perspective, Human B explicitly emphasizes the positive aspects of digital gold. At Human B, the focus is on people: Bitcoiners who see cryptocurrency as the most important invention of the 21st century. This enthusiasm is contagious.

By the way: About Tallycoin you can support Aaron and Eva with a few satoshis because the two of them have pre-funded the project from their own pockets.

Scams, zealots and jet skis: Crypto documentary by Vice

If you want it shorter, mainly to be entertained and speak English, we also recommend the brand new Vice documentary “Scams, Zealots, and Jet Skis: Life Inside the Crypto Scene”:

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