Ethereum Price Prediction: Why Visa Makes ETH Worth Buying in the Medium Term, But This Crypto Presale Offers More Short-Term Potential | 23/12/22

Again, something happened overnight in the Ethereum exchange rate. There has been a small price increase in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is still trading just above $1200 – but a trend reversal or sustainable recovery is lacking. Therefore, today’s article should not be about technical chart indicators or short-term price targets. While Ethereum has received some criticism in the social networks and some FUD cannot be dismissed out of hand, the global leading credit card provider Visa is now also dependent on cryptos and primarily the Ethereum network.

In the short term, however, the Dash 2 Trade Presale may be a better fit for the current market sentiment. Because one benefits from the increasing uncertainty resulting from the need for well-founded crypto-analysis. The pre-sale ends in 14 days – if you want to experience a pump after the ICO, you may need to hurry.

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Visa relies on the Ethereum network for payments

The American company Visa Inc., which acts as a payment service provider, would like to use the Ethereum network in the future to innovatively process payments. One would like to trust that the so-called account abstraction enables automatic payments via Ethereum, if customers, for example, want to pay recurring bills. When end users will be able to use the feature remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Visa commented on the progress in a blog post:

“We see automated payments as a core capability that existing blockchain infrastructure lacks. In this paper, we presented a new solution that uses the concept of account abstraction to bring automated recurring payments to self-managed wallets. With the approach we presented, other real applications could than recurring payments are also brought to the blockchain.”

Advances in Crypto Adoption: Patents Filed for Crypto Wallet

Visa has already filed several patent applications in the US in the past few weeks. These suggest that Visa is working on creating its own crypto wallet. Products for non-fungible tokens also appear to be planned. Further details are hardly known. However, it seems clear that Visa does not want to be without the crypto trend.

Visa: Is the world’s largest credit card issuer ending the bear market?

“As one of the largest payment networks in the world, Visa is at the forefront of developing innovative payment products and solutions inspired by real-world applications. We are actively exploring new approaches to smart contracts to make money and payments programmable.”

Visa is the world’s largest payment and credit card provider, with millions of credit cards used every day by people around the world. You have access to a gigantic network of partners who no longer want (and can) do without a visa. Because Visa has no alternative for merchants. Network effects create a giant moat for Visa (and Mastercard too). The implementation of the crypto plans is still relatively abstract. Nevertheless, it seems clear – Visa is starting from the zeitgeist and wants to develop crypto-related solutions. To put it mildly, it can trigger a massive price potential on the crypto market, but only when the plans become concrete in the medium term.

Professional crypto trading with Dash 2 Trade: This cryptocurrency can revolutionize the market

At the end of 2022, just before Christmas, we are in a difficult market phase. The crypto market continues to be hit. The bears seem poised to trigger another selloff at any moment. Cryptoanalysis is more important than ever in the current market environment. This is also unlikely to change in the future as the risks of the digital currency market are obvious. With a well-founded cryptoanalysis, security can be increased. Dash 2 Trade follows exactly this approach and would also like to give private investors the opportunity to perform a professional analysis.

Dash-2-Trade dashboard

Meanwhile, in the current presale, Dash 2 Trade has raised around $10.5 million. It is only possible for early investors to buy the native tokens cheaply in advance for about two weeks. The first CEX listing is targeted for January 11th. Then it remains to be seen whether Dash 2 Trade Coin will be perceived by the market as a beneficiary of the FTX crash – the chances of this shouldn’t be too bad.

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