Wonderfully weird: Angelica Hicks copies celebrities in their clothes

Updated: 21.12.2022 – 17:51

Celebrities like it too
Brilliant: This is how Angelica Hicks juggles haute couture on Instagram

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Do you already know Angelica Hicks? If not, it’s about time: She imitates celebrities in their clothes on Instagram – wonderfully funny…

Celebrities in expensive designer clothes: It should be possible to imitate them on the cheap – Angelica Hicks apparently thought so and is doing exactly that on Instagram…

Are you tired of the endless, always smiling pseudo-beauties in extravagant dresses? Tired of seeing the decked-out celebs in outfits ranging from the daring to the ridiculous? Don’t get upset – it doesn’t help and doesn’t change anything. Do it like Angelica Hicks: This wonderful, brilliant woman recreates exactly such celebrities on Instagram – or rather, their costumes. And with the simplest means, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of effect. Just great fun – a must see!

Beautiful: How Angelica Hicks copies celebrities in their clothes

What does it take to present yourself in outrageously expensive designer clothes on social media? Surely a lot of money too! Or, as in the case of Angelica Hicks, a talent for creative ideas, imagination, humor – and materials such as foil, adhesive tape, Tesa, decorative items, packaging waste, etc. Because the young woman imitates celebrities in their clothes on Instagram in a very unconventional and guaranteed cheap way. The fact that it’s also a lot of fun to see the original ideas she uses to recreate the exclusives is wonderful.

Angelica Hicks’ inexhaustible ideas for impersonating celebrity women’s shoes are especially fun. For platform heels with straps, she packs small cardboard boxes into pieces of old black pantyhose, simply stands on them in black ballerina flats and secures the three straps above the ankle with black tape – done! The feather boa, which can be seen on the side of the mini dress in the form of a jacket, is imitated using lambskin, which most mothers should still have in their stash – babies like to lie on it in winter. She wraps it around her back from behind, lets it flash out to the side – and voilà: almost the same effect, right?

Countless such grandiose star duplicates have already been created in this way; no one is safe from Angelica Hicks, who is actually an illustrator and has already worked with Gucci. The beauty of it: Yes, she impersonates the rich and famous, but rather makes fun of the establishment as a whole in a very charming way, not the individuals. It is very well received – not only by the many fans of Angelica Hicks, but also by the celebrities themselves.

Just a few days ago, Heidi Klum, for example, linked the talented artist’s video, which shows how she, at her own expense, recreates the outfit from the “Germany’s Next Top Model” creator. She writes – heart smiley: “I love it”. The video with Heidi Klum alone has around 133,000 followers. Angelica Hicks is guaranteed to have one fan or the other.

By the way: Angelica Hicks ends each of her videos the same way: she pulls her eyes up twice in a row and looks meaningfully into the camera. As if she wanted to say: Look, it’s so easy to copy these luxury looks. And at the same time, the gesture seems to suggest that the whole fashion circus should not be taken too seriously, because it just doesn’t matter. She is right! And for having fun, there is hardly a better account anyway…


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