New Sustainable Cryptocoin IMPT Hits Next Milestone – First Listings Confirmed –

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Sustainability and cryptos are two terms that are not necessarily mentioned in the same breath. This is mainly due to bitcoin’s bad reputation, whose energy consumption in so-called mining is enormous. However, the new platform wants to prove that sustainability and cryptocurrencies do not have to be mutually exclusive – and it is precisely this project that seems to be doing very well with investors.

Pre-sale is about to end

If you want to secure the new IMPT token now, it should be quick, because the PreSale ends before it expires – December 11, 2022.



The development of the platform has now gone so far that IDO will take place this year. The price of one token is currently 0.023 US dollars. Investors can then claim their IMPT tokens from December 12th. All you have to do is connect the wallet you used to buy the PreSale coins and the IMPT coins will appear there, which can then be traded or stored.

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The first ads announced

But that wasn’t the only good news the team behind the “green crypto coin” had to announce. It could do that too the first IPOs are officially confirmed. The team plans to start public trading on Uniswap from December 14th. This brings a new coin with 10x potential to the DEX exchange. In addition, other CEX exchanges could be won as strong partners, more precisely ChangellyPro and LBank. The listing should take place relatively quickly after the IDO on Uniswap. The exact date will be announced on social media channels.

The coin’s holders can also look forward to exclusive discounts and features and, of course, take part in the DAO. After the IPOs, you can definitely expect price explosions and investors in particular can look forward to good returns right from the start.

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What exactly is Blockchain meets sustainability

The IMPT coin is one of them most sustainable cryptos in the crypto universe. The platform, whose native token is the coin, wants to bring together people and companies who want to do something about their ecological footprint. The platform offers two options through emissions trading and the shopping app. On top of that, some features are planned, such as the Score, with which you can track your own CO2 consumption. In addition, users must be able to exchange information with each other on This is how a living and sustainable ecosystem must be created. – emissions trading reimagined

Since the Kyoto agreement, every company that produces CO2 has had to buy so-called emission credits in order to be allowed to release the greenhouse gas into the atmosphere at all. Companies that no longer need their certificates, for example because they have invested in technologies that reduce emissions, can sell them on the open market. A few years ago, trading in emissions was also opened up for private individuals, but trading is only possible via so-called index certificates. takes this trading to the next level thanks to blockchain and NFT. Emissions trading 2.0, so to speak. The carbon credits that can be bought or traded on the platform are NFTs. This ensures uniqueness, traceability and transparency. Fraud such as duplicate credits is virtually impossible. NFT

Anyone who has purchased an emission credit in the form of an NFT on the platform can trade it in the classic way on their own marketplace. The NFT-CO2 credit can of course also be kept. The third option is to burn NFT to offset your carbon footprint. In return, you get a special collector’s NFT made exclusively for the platform. This can also be traded again.

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Shopping app

The heart of the platform, in addition to NFT emission trading, is the shopping app, for which over 25,000 well-known affiliate partners have already been won. These include companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung. The companies donate part of their sales profit (each company decides the individual amount) to associations or organizations that actively do something to protect the climate. But the buyer does not leave empty-handed either, but receives IMPT coins as a reward for the purchase. You can then use the tokens to buy CO2 credits again. The app can be used both online and offline. The team’s goal is for users to use the app for their daily purchases.

The 10x potential of the IMPT token

Sustainability is a topic that is fortunately becoming more and more of a trend. This is exactly where the creators behind the platform come in, combining NFT, emission trading, blockchain and their own cryptocurrency. In addition, there is the utility of the IMPT coin and the platform’s own shopping app, for which some big players have already been won as affiliate partners – and more are sure to follow. In addition, trading in CO2 credits has huge potential.

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Last updated on December 4, 2022

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