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VANCOUVER, BC, December 19, 2022 – Vancouver, British Columbia – First Hydrogen Corp. (“First Hydrogen” or the “Company”) (TSXV: FHYD) (OTC: FHYDF) (FSE: FIT) is pleased to announce that it has joined EDAG Group (EDAG) as a design partner for its next generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV). As an international mobility company with experience in commercial vehicle development, EDAG will support First Hydrogen’s goal of making zero-emission vehicles available to fleet managers.

Following the success of the company’s first two light commercial vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cell stacks, the next generation of light commercial vehicles will see First Hydrogen’s first vehicles enter the mass market. Hydrogen-powered vehicles suitable for the commercial sector have a much greater range, can carry larger payloads and can be refueled much more quickly than comparable battery-powered vehicles. First Hydrogen’s vehicles will be aerodynamic, durable, advanced and highly functional for the driver, appropriate for the vehicle’s intended use.

With its innovative Hydrogen-as-a-Service, First Hydrogen will offer a complete solution for emission-free mobility. By providing light commercial vehicles, a guaranteed supply of green hydrogen from renewable sources and fuel technology, among other complementary services, the company will help fleet managers move away from fossil fuels.

As a development and construction specialist, EDAG Group has been established in the international automotive and commercial vehicle industry for decades and is known for its concept cars and prototypes as well as for the development of commercial vehicles at the highest level. The Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road Vehicles division covers the entire development spectrum for commercial vehicles. In addition to developing components, modules and complete vehicles, EDAG also manufactures prototype parts and complete vehicles. Bringing creativity, innovation and a wealth of industry knowledge to the partnership, EDAG Group will develop a compelling design style and technical concepts for First Hydrogen’s first mass-market FCEVs.

First Hydrogen Limited CEO Steve Gill emphasizes: “This is an incredibly important partnership, as the design of our flagship vehicles will shape the first impression of our brand and establish our position in the market. EDAG’s innovative approach to development “Our next generation vehicles convinced us. As our chosen design partner, EDAG appreciates the advantages that hydrogen as a fuel offers in the light commercial vehicle class in terms of range, payload, easy refueling and ease of use. All of these aspects go into the look and overall design of vehicles on.”

COO of EDAG Engineering GmbH, Harald Keller, explains: “We are very much looking forward to developing the first production-ready FCEVs from First Hydrogen. As a design partner, our team will support First Hydrogen to enter the commercial vehicle market and enable us to achieve the company’s ambitious goals and future-oriented outlook for investors and customers.”

About First Hydrogen Corp. (

First Hydrogen Corp. is a Vancouver (Canada) and London (UK) based company specializing in zero emission vehicles, green hydrogen production and sales and supercritical carbon dioxide recovery systems. Under two agreements with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems Inc. the company plans and builds hydrogen fuel cell light commercial vehicle (“LCV”) demonstration vehicles with a range of over 500 kilometers. At the same time, the company has entered the development phase for customized vehicles, where it will develop its own fleet of zero-emission vehicles. In addition, First Hydrogen is developing a hydrogen refueling system in collaboration with FEV Consulting GmbH, the FEV Group’s automotive consultancy in Aachen. The company is also pursuing green hydrogen production and distribution opportunities in the UK, EU and North America.

About EDAG Group (

EDAG Group is the world’s largest independent engineering service provider to the international mobility industry. We understand mobility as a holistic ecosystem and offer our customers technological solutions for more sustainable, emission-free and intelligent networked mobility. With a global network of around 60 branches, EDAG Group provides engineering services in vehicle technology, electrical/electronics and manufacturing solutions.

With our interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of software and digitization, we have the key competencies to actively help shape the current dynamic transformation process in the mobility industry. Digital functions, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, alternative drives, new mobility concepts and the vision of a networked smart city are now an integral part of our portfolio. Thanks to our EDAG 360-degree approach to the development of complete vehicles and production systems, we are a competent partner for sustainable mobility projects. It is part of the company’s DNA to actively shape the mobility of the future and transfer new technologies and concepts to series production. EDAG is now one of the TOP 20 IT service providers in the German mobility sector.

Our customers include leading international OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and automotive and non-automotive start-ups, which we support worldwide with our approximately 8,000 360-degree engineering experts.

In 2021, the company had a turnover of 687 million euros. On 31 December 2021, EDAG employed 7,880 people worldwide (including trainees).

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