BingX launches signal trading and stays at the forefront of crypto innovation


SINGAPORE, April 20 /PRNewswire/

BingX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, is pleased to introduce another advanced tool for futures trading, Signal Trading. This brings BingX one step closer to its business purpose of being an open, trusted and innovative crypto ecosystem.

Signal trading is an advanced feature that allows automated execution of complex futures trading strategies based on trigger signals received from external platforms such as TradingView. It covers all BingX Perpetual Futures trading pairs and the whole process does not require API docking. After creating specific trading instructions on BingX, traders only need to update these instructions on the external platforms such as TradingView. A free TradingView bot is then created that synchronizes real-time signals and triggers automatic execution of pre-set trade instructions at the right time. In this way, signal trading helps traders execute customized and flexible trading strategies.

Signal trading is free and open to all BingX users for an unlimited number of uses. It is more suitable for experienced traders in quantitative trading. BingX has managed to solve the problems on the execution side through technical innovations, allowing users to perform quantitative transactions more easily and intelligently.

Besides signal trading, BingX also introduced other innovations in its latest update. BingX now also supports long futures net positions, as well as short and neutral positions for bull, bear and volatile markets. It allows traders to use up to 20x leverage to maximize their profits regardless of price fluctuations in the global crypto markets. The newly introduced Trailing Stop/Profit feature offers traders a worry-free trading experience. If the price rises or falls, the trailing stop/profit is taken, saving frequent adjustments in the price according to market conditions for higher profits.

In late December, BingX will also partner with the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to bring more options and better services to global traders. MetaTrader 5, also known as MT5, is a web-based trading platform that offers advanced analytical tools for quantitative trading. By connecting to BingX, MT5 will be equipped with cutting-edge crypto innovation in perpetual futures. The orders placed on MT5 are updated in the BingX order book. Users can expect a safe and stable trading experience in cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, as well as more advanced analysis tools and customized features thanks to the always up-to-date connection between BingX and MT5.

“BingX’s vision is to become the gateway for the next billion crypto users. And we are serious about delivering on our promises,” said Elvisco Carrington, Director of PR and Communications at BingX. “BingX sees the big picture and strives to help both professional and new traders through continuous technical innovation. During this year we have developed a number of user-friendly products such as Copy Trading Subsidy Vouchers and Spot Grid Copy Trading Service to protect and help beginners. This time we’re focusing on the other side. We’re simplifying the trading process to enable our users to apply new trading tactics to maximize their profits. BingX can’t wait to bring more features and products to market with MT5 that will benefit both our customers and improve the trading experience in the coming year.”

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BingX is a leading crypto exchange with more than five million users, offering spot, derivative, copy and online trading services in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. BingX securely and innovatively connects users to experienced merchants and the platform.

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