Calvaria Presale Raises $2.5M – 19% tokens left & BKex listing in January | 20/12/22


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one of them most impressive projects among P2E strategy games represents the extraordinary Calvaria because it wants one Build a bridge between the previous games and the crypto games. In this way, its unusual approach could make it particularly easy to spread and a usher in a new era of games to earn strategy games. Why is it? Sell ​​as many coins in a short time was able to find out exactly what it is all about and what future prospects the project offers, is reviewed in more detail in this article.

Calvaria pre-sale phase so far

In it 5 seasons of the pre-sale with gradual price increases Calvaria was already capable of that 2.5 million dollars in one month take in. Currently, the last tokens can still be used for one Price of $0.0325 be acquired.

However, this offer is only valid until The goal total of $3.075 million or 31 January was reached. Pre-sales are likely to be completed sooner due to high demand. Finally is only 19% of the available tokenswhy those interested should hurry to avoid getting worse conditions.

that first investor the coins could even be exchanged for one Price of $0.01 support. After the sale is completed, they thus become one Dividend of 225% have achieved.

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Publication of an initial public offering and BKex

Calvaria IEO on BKex

The Calvaria team announced today that there is a exclusive initial exchange offer (IEO) on a top 20 of the central crypto exchanges. As Børs, they have chosen it BEx Choose.

So Calvaria stands at one Crypto exchange with a daily trading volume of 500 billion dollars for disposal. In addition, this also offers marketing effectswhich makes it even easier for additional liquidity to flow into the project.

Further prospects after the IEO

According to the team, more IPOs coming soon take place in central trading places. For the first lists, the team already has Contracts signed with major crypto exchanges KuCoin and Also shortly after that as another 5 to 10 listings in the first quarter of 2023 Take place. More details will be announced soon via Calvaria social media.

In the same quarter was Alpha version of Calvaria appears. This should further increase optimism. All latest developments and issues were discussed in AMA of December 9 replied. This is also available on YouTube at the following link.

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What is Golgotha

What is Golgotha

Calvary is one NFT play-to-earn deck with a post-apocalyptic Afterlife theme. It is particularly notable for its strategic variation and competitive play out. It achieves this through, among other things, different races, upgrades, potions, spells, game modes and more.

Calvaria offers one many advantages, which could bring him a particularly advantageous future. These details are explained in the following sections:

How Calvaria wants to ensure optimal distribution

What is particularly unusual about Calvaria is the approach Free to play without a wallet. Because so far have Kryptogames always require a digital wallet and an investment to use. But through Calvaria, out-of-town players can also get one much lower entry threshold.

Because so far, other crypto games have already had one to try it high investment required, which surpassed other games many times over. Because instead of about €60 for a new game, because Crypto games need €400 to €10,000 fast.

Especially today, in the era of free-to-play, such exorbitant costs for games can be a factor that destroys long-term success.

But a wallet can also be a factor for people outside the crypto space that prevents them from using it. that Most people are not financially savvy either and prefers to deal with the subject of finance as little as possible. For them, a wallet and the associated risk of losing money can be a hindrance.

Nevertheless, many also enjoy games of chance such as poker or casinos and could therefore benefit from them competitive game designed for eSports to be particularly impressed.

There is, however Differences between free and paid version. Because that for rewards to be eligible, users must first invest in their own NFT decks.

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Amazing 3D designs to add life

Calvaria 3D design

In order for Calvaria to hold its own against the competition, it uses 3D map with animations. Of this factor it differs from the competition and also has one higher entertainment value. The team considers this theirs commitment to their AAA standards.

Markers around Calvaria

Calvaria should not only be one of the most fascinating strategy games, but also one big brand. Therefore should also own comics, series and fan products will. Through this, the project could again further attention from other media win and thus still spread more easily. In addition, offers other sources of income for the projectwhich in turn should have a value-enhancing effect.

Interoperable game and mobile app

In addition, Calvaria also has a mobile app, which means that Play much more accessible will. This factor is all the more crucial as it is Mobile gaming is a booming market with increasing demand actions. Additionally through interoperable game People with different devices can also play together, and users can also switch between the individual devices. It is also easier to find partners. So there is also one much more attractive chance for the P2E strategy game.

Maximum satisfaction of users’ needs

Calvaria gains additional benefits from using one DAO. Because investors can use this by holding the RIA token Participate in the vote on the future course of the Influence project. Stay this way the best possible results are ensuredsince that Games developed according to the wishes of the users and this is the most crucial factor for success.

Benefits for investors

Also Investors can benefit from Calvaria in several ways. Because it has to Sacrificed duplicates of the cards for upgrades will. That way, the offer will still be nice Strictly limited tickets again scarce. This deflationary effect is likely to increase Add value. This fact becomes even more interesting because it is upgraded, strong and rare Cards can also be lent and given their special characteristics an even higher value for the players.

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