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Play-2-earn games remain one of the megatrends in the global crypto market. It wasn’t just the success of Axie Infinity that revealed to us that players like to bet on games that can apparently be used to earn rewards. But the really big mass adoption has not happened so far. Axie Infinity is struggling with a sharp drop in player numbers and conventional players are still largely staying away from the crypto space. A new NFT trading card game, Calvaria, wants to change that and is now reporting bullish news.

First off, Calvaria hit the $2.5 million milestone in pre-sales, so pre-sales are noticeably coming to an end. At the same time, those responsible have now confirmed the next CEX listings. BKEX must execute the IEO for Calvaria immediately after the pre-sale.

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Calvaria Presale Reaches $2.5 Million: Presale ends no later than 01/31/2023

Despite the bear market, Calvaria sales finally passed the $2.5 million milestone yesterday. It has raised over $2.515 million – the goal is $3.075 million. Currently, investors can buy the native RIA token at an exchange rate of 1 USDT for 30.77 RIA tokens.

Those responsible have set 31 January 2023 as the end date for the pre-sale. If, contrary to expectations, the pre-sale is not sold out by then, the pre-sale will end on 31 January 2023 at the latest.

Calvaria Confirms First CEX Listings: ChangellyPro & BKEX Will List RIA

A few weeks ago, the Calvaria team confirmed the first CEX listing on ChangellyPro on social networks. Plans in this regard seem to be progressing. Meanwhile, BKEX has also been won as a partner to carry out the IEO. So it seems to be clear – shortly after the end of the presale, the new gaming token RIA should be tradable on various CEX. In terms of experience, this liquidity supports a positive price development.

In the background, those responsible are working intensively on even more liquidity. Talks need to be held with other crypto exchanges such as LBank to also agree on a CEX listing.

Kryptwhal has already invested in the pre-sale

It’s been a few days, but it’s still a remarkable development. Because a crypto whale is apparently identifying opportunities in the rather small Calvaria Presale. But with such cryptos, experience has shown that the upside is especially great when there is hype. So it was that an anonymous large investor invested about $100,000 in Calvaria (RIA). On-chain data revealed the transaction at Etherscan. By the way, thanks to historically low fees, the whale only had to pay $1.78 for this transaction.

This is why Calvaria: Duels of Eternity could reach the mass market

“Calvaria is a project to accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through a playful battle card game. The mission is to create the first effective ambassador between the “real world” and crypto by creating a fun and accessible game that will be available on both mobile app stores and PC.”


Arguably, Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is not the first cryptocurrency to rely on some sort of NFT trading card game. Nor will Calvaria be the last P2E game of its kind. Nevertheless, Calvaria differs significantly from other games. The first thing to mention here is the dualistic approach, which separates Calvaria from the crowd and at the same time could facilitate access to the mass market. Because those responsible will not only introduce a Web3 version of the trading card game. On the contrary, there will be a kind of upstream version that traditional players want to convert to crypto space. They learn the benefits of Play-2-Earn easily, playfully and without access barriers and can then later switch from the Web2 version to Web3.

Now for the Calvaria Presale

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