If HE says one of these phrases, it means: I love you

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Men say it differently
These phrases from HIM mean: I love you

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He rarely whispers “I love you” in your ear? If he says one of THOSE sentences, it’s practically equivalent…

Men don’t always like to say “I love you” often or often enough, even if they really mean it. But which of their sentences are more or less equivalent.

It is said that men find it difficult to express their feelings in the form of words. Of course, it is no longer like this always and everywhere, but many women still want to hear declarations of love more often…

Do you feel accused? Do you feel like your partner rarely whispers “I love you” in your ear? Then pay attention if he occasionally utters one of the following phrases, because they are almost equivalent.

If HE says one of these phrases, it means: I love you

Of course, there are the lords of creation who are quite talkative in their relationship when it comes to expressing feelings. If you are not one of those who have such a man by their side: do not despair immediately. There are definitely phrases that HE says and thus expresses “I love you” in his own way. What it could be:

  • I miss you: He would love to see you right now if he could. Because without you, it’s only half as nice. Is there a nicer sign of love?
  • I’m waiting for you: We all know that – having to wait when you really want to go right now or really want to eat something now: not so easy. So if he says these words to you, it is a clear sign of love.
  • I look forward to seeing you again: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen each other for just one day or for a longer time: the joy of seeing each other again is directly connected to “I miss you” – and is also synonymous.
  • I trust you: You have to know each other very well and for a long time to really trust each other completely. If he says this phrase to you, it’s a huge admission that couldn’t go deeper – just like “I love you”.
  • With you I can let myself go: not to be confused with letting go! Anyone who can let go is able to temporarily let go of everyday life, stress and worries because they feel safe and secure in the current situation – that is, with you. If this ain’t love…
  • It’s so nice to wake up next to you: Honestly, who feels really attractive right after waking up in the morning? Rather curly and tousled as it is. And how big is the proof of love if HE still thinks it’s wonderful to be with you then? Even though!
  • I am proud of you: Pride is a strong word – if you use it literally, you won’t do it very often. Just as the phrase “I love you” should not be used in an overly inflationary way. When a man says that to a woman, it means not only that he fully appreciates her, but that he fully approves of what she does – and how she does it. In other words: He loves you!

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