Trump is selling his own NFT hero cards

Donald Trump currently earned over $4.4 million from the sale of NFT trading cards that glorify him in various motifs

Former US President Donald Trump is currently making a name for himself, not just with another intended run for the US presidency, which was only announced in mid-November. On Wednesday, he spoke on Truth Social about another big announcement about him. He beat the drum for it and launched his own NFT collection on Thursday. Although already sold out, you can find the trading cards for this on the official sales website.

His collection is limited to 45,000 NFTs. The trading cards, which NFT INT LLC licensed, contained images that Trump says relate to his own life. He believes: “These limited edition cards feature amazing art from my life and career!”. The $99 cards should prove to be “good Christmas present” suit.

They subsequently portrayed him as Superman, an astronaut, a sheriff, or a racer or a boxer. The prices to sell the NFTs quickly rose from $99 to thousands of dollars. A card showing Trump holding the Statue of Liberty torch has sold for nearly $24,000, according to Open Sea, the largest NFT marketplace.

Trump reached out to his supporters, who apparently flocked to the site in droves via Truth Social. In his words: “Don’t wait. I think they’ll be gone very soon!”, he should be right. By early Friday morning, the NFTs were completely sold out within just one day. The entire collection has earned over $4.4 million, according to Forbes. The profit does not go to Trump’s election campaign, but to Trump himself via a licensing agreement.

In addition to NFTs, there are prizes

In addition to purchasing the NFTs, buyers also entered a raffle. A promised dinner with Donald Trump, a round of golf with him or a personal Zoom meeting also fueled sales. However, no purchase is required to enter the draw. Trump said his NFTs are “Like a baseball card, but hopefully a lot more exciting.”

The fine print on the website lists a total value of all prizes at $54,695. However, a 20-minute meeting with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago is still priceless. However, the winners of such a meeting must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Customers who purchase 45 tickets at once are guaranteed a ticket to a gala dinner with Trump in South Florida.

Expectations remained unfulfilled with Trump’s announcement: What remained was derision

When Donald Trump’s hyped big announcement turned out to be nothing more than a NFT trading card sale, it earned him widespread ridicule throughout. This was due to both the card design and the fact that Trump relied on hype that would no longer be hype at all.

In fact, prices for some of the most popular NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, have recently dropped rapidly. Before then, there was speculation whether Trump’s announcement could refer to campaign measures in 2024 or whether he was targeting the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

For example, comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked on his show: “He sells trading cards. And not even real, but digital. So he’s literally not selling anything.” Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, spoke for this during an appearance on a radio show Thursday: “Whoever advised him to do this, I would fire him immediately”. Edward Snowden tweeted in horror: “What happened to us?”

President Biden also tweeted, echoing Trump’s announcement: “I’ve also had some IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS over the past few weeks…”. In it he listed some of the political successes of recent weeks.

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