Female Pleasure Society – How to sign up for the Christmas drop

From December 16th to December 23rd you can sign up for the Female Pleasure Society Christmas Drop. The aim is to strengthen women’s health for an independent, free and decisive life and to establish it in a new field of technology. In this article you will find all the information about the upcoming NFT, how you can claim it and what benefits you can expect from the NFT.

What is the Female Pleasure Society?

Female Pleasure Society is here to create a path to an independent, free and self-fulfilling life by offering holistic and web3-enabled women’s health solutions. The mission is to strengthen women and their sexual freedom. In this way, the values ​​and necessary products for women must be linked to Web3, various benefits and other benefits.

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Furthermore, the Female Pleasure Society is committed to supporting women in the Web3 space. Although women are responsible for up to 85% of consumer and consumption tasks, they are almost ignored by the Web3 community. This is also reflected in the numbers: only 19% of the people active in the space are women. The Female Pleasure Society believes this needs to change. Thus, the company wants to create a brand that is loved by the community and has the potential to change the world in a new digital age.

Xmas AND NFT Drop

After the first drop phase took place in collaboration with Crypto.com, Female Pleasure Society now wants to offer the possibility to mine the latest OG NFTs without third party involvement. Therefore, they decided to do a drop registration with Premint.

The drop registration window is open from 16 December at 18.00 until 23 December at 18.00 CET. You can join the coin at the following link: https://www.premint.xyz/female-pleasure-society-xmas-drop/. The NFT will be priced at $299.

Important to note: The NFTs you receive will be randomly drawn after the drop window closes. This of course applies: first come, first serve. You can buy your secured January NFT directly from our official FPS wallet (fps-nft.eth) where all remaining NFTs are stored. We will set up private sales on OpenSea for this process. Only your wallet address will be able to buy NFT from us.

NFT offers these benefits

With First Kiss OG NFT you get exclusive access to member benefits:

  • such as a free, innovative, science-based booster for mental health and sexuality
  • vote
  • Co-ownership of the company’s success and other rich, long-term benefits
  • To spread the women’s health mission around the world, we will support organizations and communities that work with us for women’s rights

This is why you should join FPS AND Genesis MINT now

❤️ This will be your last chance to get these benefits. There will be no other drop like this.

❤️ With NFT you receive a free product giveaway for our sexual well-being supplement quarterly for 5 years

❤️ Lifetime discount of 30% on all current and future products

❤️ Get early access to more products

❤️ You get the right to vote to participate actively in our decision-making process

❤️ We donate 20% of all royalties to non-profit organizations

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