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Especially for the coming year 2023 3 Best Crypto Presales especially out of the crowd. Many analysts predict them based on their impressive unique selling proposition and excellent positioning particularly attractive prospects. This article presents which presales should not be missing from the 2023 watchlist.

Fight Out (FGHT)

FightOut FGHT - the best cryptocurrency to move to earn

A special one revolutionary potential among move-to-earn cryptocurrencies owns the exceptional FightOut. Because it can do it all solve previous weaknesses in an impressive way. So the potential users will not more deterred by extremely high investments in random NFTs. The team at FightOut would like to have one instead particularly easy spreading to ensure. In addition, the application must help to turn everyone into sports addicts. To do this, it uses a variety of factors such as a Community, which should encourage each other. In this way, users can Compete against each other in tournaments, duels and challenges or place bets on them.

Another exciting element of FightOut represents gamification of sports dar Because thus can even monotonous sports have a special entertainment value to win. In this context, Running and yoga exercises action computer game where you collect items and fight monsters. Thereby, elements are compared with the games Nintendo RingFit and Pokemon Go taken. Even so, the training must unite through the collaboration with professional trainers personal training plan allow, including the individual sports and health statistics can be assessed particularly professionally.

The project must have a good future as it serves its purpose for different sports would like to offer. So should opportunities for Strength, endurance, flexibility, yoga, martial arts and more belongs to the offer. That state-of-the-art software along with sensors evaluate the sporting performance directly. This is made possible by own fitness centers as well as from home, so that athletes all over the world can also compete against each other. It is also noteworthy that it first gyms connected to Metaverse Should be. In these, many other benefits are also offered, such as Further education, group training, film studios, co-working spaces, events, snack bars and more.

FightOut is currently in Presale priced at $0.01665002 per token. In addition, the first investors are still receiving Bonuses of up to 50%. However, this offer is only valid for the next $2.8 million, which will probably sell out soon. Because after just one time 72 hours almost 50% of the coins were sold out.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade D2T most professional pre-sale analysis platform

In case of investments Data the new goldbecause with their help you can decisive advantages in the analysis achieve. This is also why hedge funds around the world every year Invest billions in big data and artificial intelligence. However Private investors neither the financial nor the technical and professional possibilitiesto compensate for this disadvantage. Added to this is the current one Analysis tools for the most lucrative asset class – pre-sales – are not yet sufficient and widespread.

However, small investors can don’t check all new coins, news and analysis along with due diligence on a daily basis. This is the reason why they often have to experience that they are them most profitable investment opportunities as well as expensive risks of being late. The remedy should be most advanced analysis and trading platform Dash 2 Trade delivery. It is the result of many years of work Trade community Learn2Trade with 70,000 members developed. She bids unprecedented pre-sale analyses. The special indicators include e.g Roadmap development, community growth, team experiences, whale activity, tokenomics and audits.

It also has a beneficial effect Option to integrate different assets onto the platform. Because that way you can Manage and analyze highly diversified crypto portfolios with ease will. Other benefits include the trading signals from Profitrader via social commerce and everyone’s quickly configurable trading robot as well as that back test to check the profitability of trading systems. By giving his own signals The yield then increased further will.

Dash 2 Trade has the pre-sale in just under a month over $10 million in funding could record. At the moment there are still last token worth $3 million at a price of $0.0533 available. After the presale is over, will first listing on the crypto exchanges LBank and BitMart take place, even if these have already been officially confirmed.

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Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria RIA - the most innovative P2E card game

have so far Video games mostly only 40 to 60 € costs, so it is not surprising Crypto games with minimum investments of hundreds to thousands of euros have not yet spread so much could. Another factor in this regard is also that many Crypto games haven’t even released a beta yet has and that Players must have crypto experience and a wallet. Also completely the huge potential of DAOs and mobile games was neglected and more.

Calvaria, on the other hand, takes a completely different path, because it has that too free game variantwhich is complete without purse can use. This way should too more easily addressed to target groups outside the blockchain world will. Additionally, it’s not just any theoretical game concept, but one already playable P2E strategy game. By using DAO, users can Development of the game according to your wishes influence. So should that way created great demand will. Calvaria also opens up through mobile games large gaming marketwhere even cross platform playing should be possible.

These are also unique post-apocalyptic Afterlife theme and 3D design with amazing animations. So it will be multi-layered strategy game one more greater entertainment value. The game, which is predestined for e-sports, achieves special depth different army factions, card upgrades, potions, spells, game variants and more. It can also be used by investors deflationary effects of card upgrades and lending function offer interesting possibilities.

Calvaria is currently in very last phase of the pre-salewhere the coins for a Price of $0.0325 be offered. Can, though just tokens for nearly $500,000 in the presale be acquired. After that, the first listings will take place on the stock exchanges, with Contracts already signed with KuCoin and Gate.io became. This is then followed XT.com as well as i 1st quarter of 2023 another 5 to 10 postings.

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