Virtual Disneyland: Is Disney Metaverse Coming Now?

Disney is currently exploring the potential of the Metaverse to produce compelling stories that allow readers to step into the shoes of heroic characters in enchanted tales. Disney has launched an augmented reality short film starring Brie Larson. It illustrates the idea of ​​a virtual Disneyland in the future.

For Disney’s 100th anniversary, one of the most active metaverses is officially launched. The company was founded on October 16, 1923. The CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Chapek, emphasizes that due to the size and complexity of the project, it is not yet worth discussing the exact timeline.

Although most of the company’s goals are kept secret, some intricacies can be gleaned through rare management statements and insider knowledge.

  1. Former Apple Arcade boss Mike White will plan and lead the Metaverse strategy. He is also given responsibility for developing a new storytelling method.
  2. Blockchain technology is used to ensure that Metaverse operations are profitable. Disney has previously made available an NFT collection called “Golden Moments” featuring familiar movie characters and locations. Each sale of these tokens earns the company a 6% commission.
  3. The metaverse’s narratives and stories come to life through full participation.
  4. Popular 2D characters are now rendered as 3D objects. Users can communicate with them while relaxing in their own four walls.
  5. Rumor has it that users can jump into feature films in a story mode and experience their favorite movies from a first-person perspective.
  6. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Disney has partnered with e-commerce platform Obsess to launch a digital marketplace. Mickey Mouse and Goofy lovers can purchase a variety of unique digital goods from the Disney Online Store, such as: B. Rejected soundtracks, funny avatars, rare character images, etc.

Together with the NFT characters, the company will build a large virtual Disneyland. Fans will buy tickets for virtual roller coasters and rides that feel just like the real thing. People who are unable to visit Disneyland in person can have a very authentic experience. Users claim that they feel uncomfortable driving online because they are so immersed in what is happening. Now the programmers are working to solve this problem.

Where in the Disney Metaverse are the technologies used?

The software that enables the flow of data between physical objects in the context of software uses artificial intelligence (AI). Through the development of digital “twins”, Disney Metaverse users will be able to create an online presence, interact with virtual 3D avatars, go on rides and meet up with their friends.

AI will also help create 3D animated versions of these avatars that can specifically target fans.

Most devices today have access to AR. So you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive headsets to enjoy Disney Metaverse. Through the use of cameras, sensors and image processing, augmented reality enables the representation of virtual things in the user’s real environment.

The second phase of the construction of Disney Metaverse World will use Virtual Reality VR technology. It is a digital amusement park. To become more immersed in VR, customers need metasuits with sensors, gear and VR headsets. This makes group excursions into virtuality possible. Even efficiently, you can complete the task while playing as your favorite character.


The company is currently exploring some elements such as mobile 3D figures, NFT collections and augmented reality movies. We expect that they will all be brought together in a massive, central metaverse where Disney rules the entertainment market with a virtual journey through an adventure.

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