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Marvel, DC Comics, Coca-Cola – and from November 2021 Disney too! By 2021, the NFT boom will surely have reached the big consumer brands as well. On the occasion of Disney+ Day in November 2021, Disney released its first NFT collection. Since then, new collections have been added almost every month.

What’s up with the Disney NFTs? What collections are there and where are they sold? What is the potential for the future and which alternatives should you also keep an eye on? coincierge.de explains it here.



Golden Moments: Disney now has NFTs

Last year, Disney marked November 21st as Disney+ Day and released their first NFT collection that day: Yours Collection of golden moments consists of gold colored 3D figurines of particularly popular or symbolic Disney characters.

These include e.g Bart and Homer Simpson, Elsa from Frozen, Wall-E and even a figure showing Walt Disney himself and Mickey Mouse holding hands. In addition to purchasing their digital collectible figure, buyers had the opportunity to win a one-year Disney+ subscription.

As with other NFTs NFTs from the Disney Collections are only available in limited editions, the uniqueness of the collectibles is proven by the storage on the blockchain. They are sold via the VeVe platform in the form of a blind drop. At the time of purchase, buyers do not yet know which of the numbers they will receive. Nevertheless, the NFTs sold out within 24 hours.

Since then, Disney has regularly released new collections. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, there were several Golden Moments, i.e. gold-coloured 3D figures, which could be bought in February and March:


Some of the most iconic @Disney duos make up this set of Golden Moments collectibles! 5 duos that fall at 8 a.m. PT in blind box format: https://bit.ly/3ItVtPO

These depicted dream couples in movie history. For example, Lady and the Tramp, Chip and Dale, Timon and Pumba from The Lion King or Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid.

Mickey Mouse in The Band Concert: First Full Color NFT Collection

The last Disney NFT drop was on April 2nd: With this collection, Disney celebrates the first Mickey short to be produced in color, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ The Band Concert. Released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1935, the film follows Disney’s Mickey Mouse as he tries to pull off a concert in the park.

Where can you buy Disney NFTs?

Disney has chosen VeVe, an app-based marketplace for digital collectibles, to partner with on the sale of their NFTs. Here collectibles such as rare comics, figures or artworks that are traded in digital form. With Marvel, DC or Coca-Cola, the platform has already convinced other big brands.

One reason is certainly that trading here is incredibly easy: Purchase of NFTs through the VeVe Marketplace is through the VeVe app, available through Google Play or the Apple App Store. Within the app, transactions are made with precious stones, so-called jewels.

To receive these, users can exchange ECOMI coins, the underlying cryptocurrency – or simply buy them with FIAT money via a credit card linked to Google Play or the Apple App Store. Buying and selling is also easy for users who are not interested in the technology behind NFTs.

What to consider when buying Disney NFTs?

For now, the drop price on the collections is 60 gems each. NFT, which is equivalent to 60 USD. If the collection is sold out, the NFTs can only be purchased on the secondary market. The NFT with Timon & Pumba from the last drop of the Golden Moments collection is currently priced at 180 gems. NFT has tripled in value within 4 weeks.

Does that sound like a lucrative business? For Disney, it is definitely: Because Disney profits from every sale, even if this takes place on the secondary market. In addition to the existing VeVe fee of 2.5%, there will be a huge fee 6% royalty estimated for each sale.

This makes the NFT market a financial bonanza for Disney’s future. Because the numerous and beloved characters in their films offer a lot of material from which additional NFTs can be designed in very different forms.

Lucky Block NFTs – the winners when it comes to adding value to your NFTs

You can collect the Disney NFTs and display them in your showroom. But what if you’re not the collecting type? What options are there if you want more functionality from your NFT than collectibles that increase in value over time?

The NFT collection, which is at the forefront when it comes to added value and functionality, is it Platinum Rollers Club collection of Lucky Block crypto lottery. The developers plan to revolutionize gambling with Lucky Block: by switching to blockchain – Lucky Block relies on the Binance Smart Chain – they ensure more fairness and transparency. They already caused a stir when the internal coin was released.

Because Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK) exploded in value within weeks, it was the fastest coin to reach a market cap of $1 billion. USD. Another milestone was recently celebrated here: There are now around 50,000 holders of the coin. Lucky Block took the opportunity to throw a big online party.

The Lucky Block team also really put a lot of effort into their first NFT collection. Because with the NFTs in the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club collection, you have the chance to win every day after you buy them: each of the 10,000 NFTs receives a lottery number and participates in Lucky Block’s daily draw. Of this, 2% of the share in the main draw is reserved for owners of Lucky Block NFTs.

On top of that, Lucky Block holds two lucrative draws among all NFT owners at the start of their lottery: they draw one among all first-time buyers brand new Lamborghini Aventador with a market value of approximately USD 400,000 and a prize pool of USD 1 million!

Guide: How to Buy Lucky Block NFTs

The first draw of the lottery is already being planned – this will surely also drive the demand for NFTS and push up their prices. Would you like to get in and secure one of the few remaining Lucky Block NFTs? How do you do it:

Install MetaMask Wallet

Install the MetaMask wallet before purchasing your Lucky Block NFTs in order to process online transactions and to keep your NFTs safe after purchase. You can use MetaMask Wallet on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

Deposit wBNB into MetaMask wallet

Before buying, make sure you have enough wBNB in ​​your MetaMask wallet. WBNB is the cryptocurrency in which the Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are traded. Like any other cryptocurrency, you can exchange wBNB on a decentralized exchange of your choice.

Expect to spend $1,500 on the NFTs themselves, plus about $1 in transaction fees.

Link the MetaMask wallet to the NFT Launchpad

You can then purchase your Platinum Rollers Club NFTs on the NFT marketplace NFTLaunchpad. To do this, connect your MetaMask wallet to NFTLaunchapd by clicking “Connect Wallet” and following the on-screen instructions.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs on NFT Launchpad

To purchase the Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, select one of the NFTs on the NFTLaunchpad and click “buy now”. The fastest way to do this is via the following link:

Buy Lucky Block NFT on Launchpad now

Last updated on April 18, 2022

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