Design and Planning: The Topics for 2023

Architects and interior designers always have their finger on the pulse and know the latest construction and design developments. Seven industry experts reveal where the journey is heading.

“Energy Crisis Continues to Raise Awareness”

Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk & Peter Joehnk, JOI Design, Hamburg (Image: JOI Design)

“2023 will be from it be characterized by an energy crisis and perhaps lead to the American-style chain hotels doing without air conditioning. When it comes to room concepts, the trend goes even further Flexibility and many possible uses of rooms. The hotel lobby in particular will increasingly function as a lounge, breakfast and evening restaurant, bar, conference area, work and party zone, shop area, reception, play area and buffet at the same time. Moreover Reduction of available space in the foreground, which fits perfectly with the lifestyle of a flexible society. Design and especially hotel design is always a reflection of the same. Sustainability in architecture means that it is over Reconstruction instead of demolition and new construction considered, and the energy crisis will continue to raise awareness of the need to use energy sparingly, to insulate even more, but perhaps use less air conditioning.”

Three keywords for 2023: Sustainability, well-being, humanity

“Flexibility defines layouts”

Architect Matteo Thun, Matteo Thun & Partners, Milan (Image: Nacho Alegre)

“The most important topics in 2023 are Respect for the environment and health – sustainable materials, avant-garde energy strategies are a must. It is also about one new, different feeling of luxury to design, and the classic hotel room becomes more of a small apartment. Flexibility defines layouts, allows for a room mixing, to combine different types and sizes of rooms or apartments. is a big topic touchless doors (‘Touchless’). that Common areas are also used as extensions of the rooms and designed as a place to work. They offer meeting lounges, sheltered areas to allow privacy, healthy food bistros, fitness and yoga areas. Our work focus will be on proposing a new way of life and finding out what the word ‘flexibility’ really means today.”

Three keywords for 2023: Energy efficiency, nature/natural materials, tactility

“Longevity is active sustainability”

Cord (left) and Rolf Glantz, managing directors of Geplan Design, Stuttgart (Image: Geplan Design/Christof Mattes)

“It’s about 2023 again serious sustainability. We must again produce furniture that has value, that is aesthetic and functional. What it looks like can be seen, for example, in Goethe’s house in Weimar. The current crises automatically lead to Moving away from short-term trends led, especially in the interior design. Rather, it is about recognizing and fulfilling human needs: Ergonomics, comfort, good sitting and lying comfort, combined with good quality – that is all that is needed to achieve a sensible, long life. This is sustainable and economical at the same time. One needs-oriented architecture, shaped by the local conditions, not unnecessarily artificial with ‘applied’ storytelling, has what it takes to become a classic. It lasts and lasts much longer.”

Three keywords for 2023: Sustainability, needs, functionality

“Authenticity more in demand than ever”

Armin Fischer, CEO and creative director of Dreimeta, Augsburg (Image: Herud Frickhinger)

“Luxury is increasingly being redefined – and not only since this year: luxury is time, luxury is digital detox, luxury is a return to the essentials. This is how new authentic and sustainable concepts like the Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt are created. 2023 will authenticity more in demand than ever, the classic breakfast room is also experiencing a revival. For a long time, it has not only been available to hotel guests, but goes beyond its original function. He no longer stands there as a solitaire, but becomes one independent gastronomy concept, where guests as well as locals spend good time together. What helps with the design? Too many outside influences and well-intentioned advice dilutes an idea. Hotel owners should Red thread trust a concept and stick to it, realistic budgets also help. We will be and remain bold and uncompromising – and embrace the unknown!”

Three keywords for 2023: Details, details, details

“The hotel’s restaurant comes into focus”

Erich Bernard, architect and designer at BWM, Vienna (Image: BWM Architects/Renee del Missier)

“While in 2022 there was still a focus on combining functional zoning in public spaces, in 2023 Hotel restaurants and F&B areas to the foreground. There is a change here from ‘hotel with restaurant’ to ‘Restaurant with rooms’ away. This is also because a large part of the overall experience in hotels takes place via the F&B area. With conference & meeting areas, the days of pure needs coverage and the classic multiroom without atmosphere and character are definitely over. Instead, it should be warm, soft and really cozy. People long for it colors and textiles, for reclining and low sitting, for smooth multi-functionality, which at the same time is hidden behind the appearance of a beautiful, comfortable living room.”

Three keywords for 2023: Conversion, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Restaurant with rooms

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