Album interview: Manillio – «PLUS MINUS»

The music world eagerly awaited Manillio’s new work. Now «PLUS MINUS» has finally appeared. Reason enough to ask the crowd favorite a few questions.

Fans had to wait a full two years to see Neezy again on an album length. Expectations are correspondingly high. Will Solothurner be able to surpass the numbers again after his successful album “Kryptonite”? How will the sound have developed? Or does creativity stagnate? We can reassure anyone who fears the end. Already the pre-singles “Vacuum”, “Psst!” and “180 km/h” indicates a thoughtful, diverse and refreshing work. This feeling is confirmed throughout the album. One gets the feeling that Manillio does not see the world as bleakly as on his previous albums. Just in time for release day, we asked the Solothurn native about his current life situation, his status in the music landscape and his creative process.Unlike your previous work “Kryptonite”, your new album sounds less thoughtful and gloomy. What has changed in your life that makes you sound so happy?To name anything specific would be difficult. On the one hand, I try not to repeat myself, the songs have to be fresh. After four albums and about ten mixtapes, some songs have already been made. On the other hand, we made most of the album in the summer, so that might be reflected in the sound.In our last interview, which took place before the release of “Kryptonite”, you said that you wanted to test your limits with the album and the big deal. Since then you have become one of the most successful Swiss musicians. Are the limits reached, or are there more?There is ALWAYS more! There are still different bigger festival stages, better slots, I’m in the mood for stuff like that. Basically it’s more about being happy with the music and myself, success is secondary.You bring the symbolism of the famous gold chains into play on “Supernintendo”: “I have on the other hand meh ahanger and meh Aahangsu. But at one point ou Rüggeweh”. What dark side of fame are you talking about here?As a rapper, everyone wants the big chain, the crown, but the crown is heavy. Anger and envy increase the more successful you are. But I won’t complain at all, that’s part of it. You get to know your surroundings and, last but not least, yourself better.There are also shots at Spotify playlists: “Lose rap caviar and think: what is this?” What currents in the rap game is this line dedicated to?This is not meant against Spotify or the playlist. The song is about the fact that we are already 30 years old. I would like to express that I can no longer keep up, that I no longer know all the new artists and songs, and that I therefore definitely discover something new in such a playlist.It’s notable that your feature selection is very Bern-heavy. The last album featured Baze, Jeans for Jesus, Büne Huber, Tommy Vercetti, Leduc and Nativ. Also on this movement, only Bernese playing partners are announced. concept or coincidence?I also have to be able to get along personally with feature guests, so I usually work with people from my circle of friends. It’s a coincidence that everyone is from Bern now. I would also have liked to have Danitsa on two songs, but it didn’t work out.You are an artist who takes a lot of time in the process of making albums. Why are breaks between releases so important to you?I want to have something to tell, and for that you need experience. I find this “the more the merrier” thing in rap pretty stupid. I am for quality over quantity.On «Mitem Füür spile» you say: «Gseh d’ vulture on Himmu. Ha bange gha, it’s good that I would lose Bode unger de Füess and give up.” How big are your self-doubts in a production phase? And how do you deal with these?Sometimes I really crack myself up, I’m still learning to deal with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes I think everything stinks. In those cases, the best I can do is just do something else until I feel like writing songs again, which helps. I’ve also tried “just think it’s a mixtape” but variety is better. The album “PLUS MINUS” can be purchased and streamed everywhere from today.

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