Trump NFT – scam or serious project?

Today, former US President Donald Trump has his big announcement on his Social media network Truth Social revealed. This is his own NFT collection with him as the main motif. Former President Donald Trump is on them different outfits to see. This article discusses why the NFTs are already sold out and what exactly the NFT collection is all about.

Donald Trump’s big announcement

Just a few weeks ago, Donald Trump announced that he would third candidacy plans. Now he had again mentioned a big announcement, what it speculations sparked. So there was speculation about key campaign measures or an office in the House of Representatives.

Instead, however, it is one Online store with its NFTs. In this context he also mentioned it America needs a superhero. Further, he adds that the maps amazing art from his life and career demonstrate. The NFT collection was named Donald Trump Digital Trading Card Collection baptized. In his opinion, the cards are also a “cool Christmas present”.

They could be acquired NFTs at $99 each. The profits from this went directly to Donald Trump. Total there 45,000 different trading cards with Trump as the main subject in various scenes. That’s how he is Golfer, rider, superman, sheriff or astronaut to see.

The digital trading cards were released by NFT INT LLC and by CIC Ventures expelled. However, it is expressly made clear that these nothing to do with the campaign having. instead recipient Donald Trump a little royalty to use his identity. Therefore, the money is not used for the election campaign, as it goes directly to Trump.

The remarkable thing is how quickly sold out the entire NFT collection became. So already a few hours later no more non-fungible tokens were available. Trump was thus able to prove once again that The NFT hype is not over is.

Benefits of Trump NFTs

Benefits of Trump NFTs

You should do one similar function to digital baseball cards meet that can be collected. Moreover a purchase gives the right to participate in a competition. For this it must Thousands of incredible prizes give. In addition, you must play the unique Number 45 an important role. The prices have a Total value of $54,695.

Should a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump be won, However, travel and accommodation expenses for this are paid for yourself will. When buying from 45 NFTs is a ticket to a gala at the Trump Resort receive. In addition, there are many Rates at its hotels and golf resorts.

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