Top 5 Crypto Presale Investors Should Still Buy in December 2022

Crypto pre-sales promise historically attractive returns if you get the right coins. But survivorship bias suggests that almost all crypto pre-sales perform above average after the ICO and increase the initial investment almost by themselves. It is not that easy – but the possibilities remain. Preliminary research should analyze the team, tokenomics, social media presence, popularity in the crypto community and more to identify new coins with an appealing risk-reward ratio.

Since, after all, above-average returns are not guaranteed, diversification also seems to be an appropriate means in this crypto segment to improve the chances of success in the hunt for the next ten-bagger. Investors can still buy the following top five crypto pre-sales in December 2022 to possibly increase the initial investment directly into the new crypto year if the selection is successful.

1. Fight Out (FGHT)

“The goal of FightOut is to introduce a large Web2 audience to Move-to-Earn through the use of easy-to-use technology and introduce Web2 audiences to the Metaverse through digital avatars with high Web3 value as the ‘next step’ for their avatar.”

The next crypto presale, FightOut, started this week, the concept of which promises great potential for the future. FightOut is targeting the growing fitness and health market to successfully implement the benefits of Web3. This is based on the Move-2-Earn concept known from, for example, STEPN – but those responsible go one step further and would like to measure and map any kind of sports activity. Through the connection with the metaverse, a separate avatar is created which will change accordingly with the progress of the training.

Investors can invest in the original ERC-20 token starting this week. An exciting part of the concept is the focus on high-end fitness studios to be opened in the real world with the aim of skillfully revolutionizing the fitness industry – with a ubiquitous Web 3.0 application. Overall, FightOut is aiming for a hard cap of $100 million and is looking to open gyms around the world in the future.

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Time is ticking in the Dash 2 Trade crypto presale. For today, the innovative cryptocurrency can reach the $10 million milestone and will thus trigger the starting signal for the CEX listings, which will take place within the next 30 days. The $13.4 million hard cap goal seems within reach. If investors still want to get in at the low pre-sale price, they shouldn’t wait too long. Due to the current market sentiment after the FTX crash, which benefits the Dash 2 Trade Token, the FOMO effect could have a significant impact on the demand for D2T in the next few days.

At the same time, progress in presale is not the only positive factor. Rather, the developers are also ahead of schedule and want to provide initial insights into the presale platform over the next few days. The launch of the feature that enables ICO scoring is planned for the next 1-2 weeks. Three CEX listings are also already set with LBank, BitMart and ChangellyPro. The overall concept of Dash 2 Trade is so coherent that it is one of the December 2022 crypto presales that has a very attractive CRV.

3. EstateX (ESX)

EstateX targets a completely different area. Because those in charge have made it their mission to solve the existing problems in the real estate market and establish fractional investment via blockchain technology. It is true that real estate is less popular in the current high interest rate environment. The interest rate increases affect prices and in 2023 there may be a significant price correction for real estate as an investment. But such corrections also provide opportunities. With EstateX, you could skillfully reduce cluster risk with safe and fractional investments in real estate and participate in a real estate market recovery.

In the future, investors can invest in real estate even with small amounts and do not have to accept the high fees of intermediaries. EstateX aims to revolutionize real estate investing, nothing more, nothing less.

“EstateX will enable anyone to build a property portfolio that will provide them with regular passive income with as little as €100. Powered by the latest blockchain technology, we will create shared ownership of real-world property investments to make opportunities accessible for everyone previously reserved only for high net worth institutional and private investors.”

4. Robot Era (TARO)


RobotEra’s concept is based on a successful coin and wants to do the same as “The Sandbox” (SAND) – After all, Top 50 Coin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world. With LBank Labs, the investment arm of Major Exchange, you can win a well-known backer and are building a futuristic metaverse where everything revolves around the robot avatars. After $500,000 could be raised, the focus is on the upcoming price increase. Because the regular price increases make the RobotEra presale exciting if you want to book profits before the ICO. In the second stage, there is already a significant increase from $0.02 to $0.025, so early investors have 25% booked profit “for sure”.

5. Calvary (RIA)

Play-2-Earn & Metaverse – Calvaria relies on two future trends that promise above-average growth. The NFT trading card game also wants to do better than the competition so it can finally enter the mass market. For this, they rely on a two-pronged view of the game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. On the one hand, there will be a free smartphone app (without rewards) and on the other, the P2E variant (with rewards). Hidden clues are meant to make the Web3 game palatable to conventional players to convert them into crypto players.

In December, a crypto whale also invested in the Calvaria (RIA) presale for the first time — for about $100,000. The $2.5 million milestone is imminent – less than 21% of the available RIA tokens are still available in the current presale.

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