This is what the design Christmas markets in Stuttgart offer

No gifts yet? Unique objects and small series for body, soul and spirit can be found at the design Christmas markets in the Phönixhalle and Wagenhallen.

By Petra Mostbacher-Dix

11/12/2022 – 10:33

“Never again ‘SOS’!” Margit smiles when she thinks of her husband’s call. For decades he received ‘socks, shirt and tie’ from his mother and mother-in-law for Christmas. “I was inspired by the ‘Beautiful Christmas present’!”

Almost 90 exhibitors, small manufacturers, start-ups, from the region and from outside, for example from Vienna, Schweinfurt or Poland, present themselves at the design Christmas fair in the Phönixhalle. There is also a shop from the design fair Blickfang, whose organizers are responsible for the “beautiful gifts”. There, Margit was drawn to the tables made from old street signs, the floor lamps made from historic vehicles and wooden stands. “A long distance lamp for the living room, my husband loves vintage cars! I treat myself to some natural cosmetics.”

fun browsing

One step further, Christoph is interested in the sweatshirts that you can “configure” in terms of color and lettering. “Something personal for my husband. Everything is made on the outskirts of Stuttgart,” enthuses the student. For the first time he was in this amazing place. “It’s fun to browse – and to try delicacies such as crêpes and burgers from the food trucks in front of the hall.”

Inside, Fritz digs through hats and scarves, bags and cases, stationery, Christmas decorations, ceramics and art – looking for a gift for his daughter and granddaughter. “The African dolls, stuffed animals or domed crib would be something for the little ones.”

Cry, liqueurs, brandy

Meanwhile, Emilie and Julie are happy with the large selection of jewelery stands. “We found good gifts there last time,” the students said. A significant number of guests have already settled down on the lounge chairs behind them shortly after the opening and tried coffee from the Piaggio mobile or brewed from organic wooden capsules.

“Good idea, less waste,” nods an Austrian couple. They want to put treats under the Christmas tree “this year” and guzzle wines, liqueurs, brandies and soft drinks like those made from cocoa beans. “There are also spices, home-made chocolate and confectionery works of art. Something for the whole family!”

Concentrated load of art

This is how a family sees it in the carriage halls at Nordbahnhof – in the art department store. “Everyone chooses something – and we give it to each other,” laugh mother Sabine, father Mike and their teenage daughters. “Lots to discover, yay!” About 100 creative people, startups and designers offer single or small series: soaps, candles, paper designs, some delicacies such as chutney, vinegar aperitifs, mulled wine, plus food coaching, lots of ceramics from near and far, for example from Palestine, as well as a concentrated amount of art – drawings on paper, prints on steel, paintings on canvas, photographs, illustrations, graphics created by a kind of record player. There are also home accessories, lamps, jewellery, bags, streetwear, children’s clothes and first-walker shoes, many things made from upcycled materials, leather, steel, brass, cork and felt. Sustainability and regionality are trumps. And smart ideas like the game that teaches children and adults how much sugar food contains. “Ideal for us,” says Sabine. “We eat too much candy.”

Meanwhile, her husband discovered a coat rack made from recycled wood. “That would be something,” he says, as the daughters sway to singer-songwriter Benjakob in the small room. Paula will be playing soon. In this art department weekend, the Wagenhallen with Pop-Büro Stuttgart will give six regional musicians a stage for the first time. “Live music, great!” the girls agreed. “Always better than tape.”

Beautiful gift giving, Phoenix Hall in the Roman Fort, Sunday 11 December at 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Kunstkaufhaus, Wagenhallen, Sunday 11 December from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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