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The best NFT games (Photo: Pixabay)

Advertisement – More video games are released with non-fungible tokens every month, and the best NFT games are on the rise.

Similar to linear games, these games come in a wide variety of genres and styles, including card combat games, epic RPG adventures, and monster breeding simulations. Although not all of these games are played for the purpose of making money, they all give players control over some of the games.

NFT games can be a bit difficult to understand due to the wide variety of genres and the complexity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. For a general overview of this new technology, see our post What are NFTs? or in our introduction to NFT games. Square Enix recently revealed its first NFT title, Symbiogenesis.

NFT games differ from traditional games in that players can trade or sell their purchased items for real money, both within a game and potentially between different games. The NFTs themselves can be used as a form of game ownership. Most NFT games have an internal market where players can trade items on a blockchain, but this also means they can be traded on the main NFT markets outside of the game.

The best NFT games in the test

Although there are a number of NFT video games out there, some platforms stand out from the crowd with unique features, excellent experiences and thriving community support.

1. Tamadog:

  • A new cryptocurrency called Tamadoge uses Play-2-Earn and Tamagotchis as meme money. Players should appreciate having their own Tamaverse and care and train their Tamadoge pets to earn NFT game rewards. To unlock more rewards, players can compete against their Tamadoge NFTs with the goal of topping the game’s leaderboard each month. As the game progresses, augmented reality encounters will be added, allowing players to communicate with each other in the Metaverse.

2. Calvary:

  • Calvaria is a brand new game based on NFT’s popular trading cards. This activity requires players to construct a playing deck from a variety of NFT trading cards. Trading card games require strategic knowledge to play as many methods can be used depending on the abilities of the trading cards. It will be interesting to see if the combination of mobile app and P2E games can drive demand for Calvaria in the mainstream market.

3. Silk:

  • Opinions on the best NFT game vary, but whatever they are, they are always original. One such NFT game is Silks, which is based on the thoroughbred racing industry.
    – The first important point to note is that Silks replicates the actual horse races. A horse’s success in the real world is reflected in the game and can lead to incentives for players.
  • Thoroughbred racehorses can be bought, traded, bred and raced in-game, while NFTs are used as incentive currency. To participate in Silks, you must have a Silks avatar, a virtual jockey. There are 10,000 of them in total and each has different properties and rarities.

4. Battle Infinity:

  • Another recently announced blockchain project, Battle Infinity, aims to offer more play-to-earn games where players will be paid with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Both the Metaverse and your own virtual world are integrated into the game.
  • The IBAT Premier League, which allows users to create a “dream team” of athletes in a particular sport, is the main attraction of the platform. However, participants must purchase an NFT Pass to gain access to the IBAT Premier League.
  • Players are then given money to create their own virtual team. NFT passes can be whitelisted when players win games and then sold on the secondary market. IBAT, Battle Infinity’s digital token, will be used as a payment method for prizes.

5. Lucky block:

  • Lucky Block has captured the interest of cryptocurrency investors by launching a state-of-the-art platform for NFT tournaments. Players can buy Lucky Block NFTs here and enter contests to win tempting prizes.
  • Although prizes vary from contest to contest, contestants can expect juicy incentives like vacation packages, $1 million homes, or even Lamborghinis.
  • A new Lucky Block NFT collection will be released for each Sweepstakes. Once all items are sold, Lucky Block will choose a winner at random. However, even if they are not selected as winners, investors will still receive rewards as long as they keep their Lucky Block NFTs in their wallet.

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