Most Searched Coins and Presales This Week | 14.12.22

The search volumes in Google are used as trend values ​​and provide information about moods, potential, events, opinions and much more. In terms of cryptocurrencies, the search volume figures for individual coins and pre-sales allow information on whether a crap coin or a great token project is under development. We have collected the 6 most searched coins and pre-sales in a short overview and briefly present the projects behind them.

  • RobotEra: Passive Income with NFT Games
  • IMPT: Now available on LBank
  • Chiliz: Fan tokens are in particular demand
  • Dogecoin: Wow wow, still there
  • Dash2Trade: Last chance in pre-sale
  • Litecoin: Stronger than ever

The 6 most wanted coins and pre-sale

The data from the search engine operator is clear: the worldwide search volume for these coins and pre-sales continue to increase, despite all doomsday prophecies. These six cryptocurrencies in particular have presented above average search volumes in the past week. An increasing trend in search queries shows that private investors in the crypto sector are mainly interested in ICO and pre-sale cryptos, as well as well-known coins such as Chiliz and Dogecoin.

Here you will also find the Ethereum forecast for January 2023.

Why are ICOs so lucrative for retail investors?

Of course, any ICO holds not only opportunities but also risks. But the past has shown that with appropriate risk management and a well-considered selection, ICOs can be extremely interesting. By ICO on exchanges are new coins or tokens from completed pre-sales listed on centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges for the first time.

ICOs are particularly lucrative for private investors, as the first listings on trading exchanges take place immediately after the end of The pre-sale phase begins at very low prices. On the one hand, the low prices offer low entry barriers, but on the other hand, they also allow for large jumps in prices after the first few days of trading. It is therefore not surprising that the search volume for some projects has increased sharply.

RobotEra is growing into a real innovator

P2E games are not new to the market, but what RobotEra has managed to do is extremely rare. The gaming platform combines aspects of easy-to-understand crypto trading with the finesse of a High quality NFT games. The technology of non-fungible tokens has made many new applications possible in recent years and has changed from the hype of expensive digital images and funny little monkey pictures to a value-added technology that is also accepted in the financial markets.

In RobotEra, players become robots, and additional attributes and powers for the virtual avatars can be built using NFT available in the game and other in-game items. It is about the planet Taro, which lies completely barren after a battle and is guarded by a pair of human robots. Fight the bad guys and collect NFT because they can also be traded on NFT marketplaces.

A passive income is also possible with Calvaria, because NFT is limited and therefore usually in demand. Your digital ownership can easily be exchanged or overwritten, so a significant increase in value could be expected here. With the next game levels, the P2E game becomes even more exciting and it depends on the right strategy.

Players are taught the principles of crypto trading via so-called educational content, as each participant must be in possession of the $TARO token to access the game and purchase the in-game items. A triple concept with clever gameplay, the popularity of which can be clearly proven by the high search volumes.

Play RobotEra and buy $TARO in pre-sale at low prices.

IMPT is now listed on LBank

It is not surprising that search volume for IMPT has increased because token claims from private investors are currently taking place, as from tomorrow, December 15, 2022, $IMPT will be listed with LBank. This is not only exciting for all investors who have already entered the pre-sales phase. The whole market is in an uproar because such ICOs have enormous potential for quick profit-taking and long-term price increases.

Therefore, day traders are always active in ICOs, who buy a new coin cheaply immediately after listing and ideally sell it again within 1-2 days at a higher price. But also all small investors, the total invested a whopping $20.5 million in IMPTeagerly awaiting the price charts as the first $IMPT price is published.

They had already benefited from the automatic increase in value in the pre-sales phases and are now of course hoping for a very good acceptance on the market, which is usually reflected in rising prices. However, many of the investors do not want to sell at all, but are interested in a long-term investment in IMPT. The project offers private trading of CO₂ certificates and support for climate protection projects by major brands and suppliers.

Now go directly to IMPT at LBank and take advantage of the introductory courses.

Chiliz Fan Token benefits from the FIFA World Cup

The Socios platform and the entire ecosystem of the company is powered by the Chiliz Token CHZ, which fans need for special digital merchandise and influence on their favorite teams. But you can also support individual athletes. Socios has almost no competition on the market, and almost all well-known clubs have already entered into a partnership with Socios. Lionel Messi promotes the brand as the face, and the FIFA World Cup brings further demand and attention.

The search volume for fan tokens in Google has also increased due to the current matches in the soccer World Cup. CHZ benefits significantly from this despite the sometimes negative reporting. Of The course is robust against external influences and even made it through the crypto winter better than many other cryptocurrencies.

Trade Chiliz with eToro, one of the leading crypto brokers in Germany.

Dogecoin has a large and active community

What else can be said about Dogecoin, the number 1 meme coin, has not already been reported. The meme coin is still there, popular and its price is stable. Public perception was obviously driven by Elon Musk, which should please investors. Although it is not clear what the situation will be when Elon Musk drops Dogecoin like a hot potato, Dogecoin has been successful in the market for 9 years.

The fun coin only has to fear competition from Tamadoge, because number 2 meme coin Shiba Inu, disappointed all the way. Tamadoge is also a meme coin, but not really, because here there is a clear added value in the form of P2E games, NFT and trading opportunities. However, Dogecoin is currently the clear number 1 in the market and continues to hold its own against any attacker, at least for now.

Trade IMPT now at LBank, the first courses were eagerly awaited!

The Dash2Trade platform is going public, that is, ICO on one or more trading platforms. Almost 75% of the tokens have already been sold, the pre-sale went well. More than US$9.7 million has already been raised, the response has more than exceeded the expectations of all developers. The past few weeks of above-average search volume could be tracked in parallel with the pre-sale revenue.

The crypto platform with trading signals for beginners and advanced users is currently in the final pre-sales phase. gets access every holder of the utility token $D2T and it is still available at the price of 0.0533 USDT. If this coin also goes to an exchange as an ICO, we are excited to see what happens with the course. Typically, ICOs increase when they are available to a larger audience on a trading platform.

Hurry and join the presale now at 0.053 USDT per $D2T!

Litecoin is faster and cheaper than the original coin, making it one of the best Bitcoin alternatives on the market right now. The high search volume is probably connected to the user’s interest in saving transaction fees and processing transfers in the Litecoin payment network faster than usual.

Conclusion: Whether Bitcoin Alternative like Litecoin, Meme Coin like Dogecoin or passive income with RobotEra. Search engine search volume can be used to identify trends or create social sentiment analysis. These reflect market sentiment among investors and can provide important buy or sell signals. Dash2Trade, for example, provides such an analysis. The project itself is still in pre-sale, but almost sold out. So hurry if you should still be there or use the recent listing of IMPT at LBank for a sustainable investment.

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About the author: Stefanie Herrnberger works as a freelance lecturer and editor. Her many years of professional experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT give her the perfect background to report on current news and developments in decentralized and centralized financial markets. Stefanie has invested in cryptocurrencies herself for several years and therefore understands the challenges and opportunities for crypto traders.

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