LAMILUX SUNSATION® wins the German Design Award

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Special mention for the world’s most UV-resistant GRP top layer

LAMILUX SUNSATION® wins the German Design Award

The innovative LAMILUX SUNSATION® gelcoat technology has won over a renowned jury for the third time: the German Innovation Award was followed by the AVK Innovation Award, and now the German Design Award also names the most UV-resistant GRP top layer in the world with “Special Mention” in the Excellent Product Design category.

With LAMILUX SUNSATION®, Europe’s leading manufacturer of fiber-reinforced plastics, LAMILUX Composites presents the world’s most UV-resistant GRP top layer and at the same time one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of glass-fiber-reinforced plastics.

Remarkable design

Extreme color and gloss retention and no color difference when stickers are removed from surfaces: LAMILUX SUNSATION® sets new quality standards for glass fiber reinforced plastics. In the artificial weather tests, for example according to DIN EN ISO 4892-2, LAMILUX SUNSATION® shows absolute durability. Because even after 15 to 20 years of real weathering, LAMILUX SUNSATION® shines in rich colors and maximum shine. The results of the tests confirm the revolutionary development of GRP outdoor applications.

The ultimate plus: LAMILUX SUNSATION® significantly reduces the need for care for outdoor use. For surfaces that do not become matte and do not lose their luster, do not wax for preventive protection or subsequent repairs. In numbers, this means: 90 percent less effort and cost for waxing by using LAMILUX SUNSATION®. The German Design Award honors LAMILUX Composites with a special mention in the “Outstanding Product Design” category for this remarkable design achievement.

About the German Design Award

For 10 years now, the German Design Award has honored ground-breaking products and projects that are ground-breaking in the German and international design landscape. The top-class international jury honors their manufacturers and designers with the award. The German Design Award is one of the most recognized design awards worldwide and enjoys a high reputation far beyond specialist circles. Anyone who wins over the top class competition has successfully proven that they are among the best.

About LAMILUX Composites GmbH

LAMILUX Composites GmbH has been producing fiber-reinforced plastics for around 70 years. Due to its technologically excellent, continuous manufacturing process, the large production capacity and the wide range of products, the medium-sized company is the leading manufacturer in Europe. LAMILUX supplies customers worldwide from the areas of car, mobile home and caravan construction, cold storage and cold room construction, the construction industry and numerous other industry segments. With more than 1250 employees, LAMILUX had a turnover of 335 million euros in 2021. The family-run company is based in Rehau, Bavaria.

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