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On Saturday (December 3, 2022), the highlight of this year’s season takes place in the PENNY DEL. Kölner Haie meets Adler Mannheim in the DEL WINTER GAME (4:30 p.m., can be seen live on MagentaSport). The match will be played outdoors in the RheinEnergie Stadium in Cologne.

To mark this year’s DEL WINTER GAME, the two clubs are releasing an official, limited-edition NFT-based collection of digital collectibles for the first time in history. The so-called “WINTER GAME DROP” contains a total of twelve individually designed NFTs. These are dedicated to the respective club, SHARE THE WINTER GAME and ice hockey in general.

The special feature: all NFTs are not only collectibles, but also offer their owner a wide range of additional uses and benefits. These range from an exclusive WINTER GAME with the coaches from both teams and the opportunity to ask your own questions to SHARE THE WINTER GAME tickets.

How the WINTER GAME DROP works

The total of twelve NFTs consists of four eagle, shark and WINTER GAME motifs each. All NFTs are limited edition and have different circulation sizes. Fans looking to get their hands on an NFT can either buy packs or individual NFTs.

Packs each contain three randomly selected NFTs. There are both shark and eagle packs, although of course these only contain the NFTs from the respective club and the general WINTER GAME motifs. In addition, inclined collectors can also purchase individual NFTs. That way you can easily complete your own collection.

Packages are offered at a unit price of 15 euros, the prices of the individual NFTs depend on the number of copies and are between 5 euros and 20 euros. No cryptocurrencies are required for the purchase, payment is made with regular payment methods.

The drop will take place on the STARENA platform: https://app.starena.io/nfts/showroom/del-winter-game-2022-collection

Torsten Pfennig, CFO and signatory at Kölner Haie, says: “DEL THE WINTER GAME is a highlight for all ice hockey fans, and we are incredibly happy that the game is finally on its way. With NFT Drop, we present ourselves together with Adler Mannheim on a very innovative way for all supporters, our partners and hopefully others interested. We are very excited to see how this digital activation will be received.”

Alexander König, head of marketing and sales at Adler Mannheim: “We have dealt with the subject of NFT for a long time. All the better that we can now complete a first concrete project for DEL VINTERSPILLET. From our perspective, the digital collectibles in conjunction with other “money can’t buy” experiences are very attractive to the entire ice hockey community.”

Click here for the eagle flock.

What exactly is an NFT?

An NFT (abbreviation for “non-fungible token”; dt. something like: “non-replaceable object”) is a kind of digital certificate of authenticity to distinguish between an original and a copy of a work created on the computer. In this way, both unique digital objects and limited editions can be created. Unlike conventional files, these cannot be copied as often as you like. And unlike digital goods, such as items in video games, users can own their NFTs and take them to different environments.

Why are DEL WINTER GAME digital trading cards so appealing?

Because they make it possible to experience this very special ice hockey match in a completely new way. So far, fans have collected tickets, stickers or autographs. From now on, digital collectibles will be added. In addition, all NFTs have special features or bonuses.

How do I pay for the WINTER GAME NFTs?

You can easily pay by credit card or direct debit, among other things.

Where can I store the NFT after purchase?

On your smartphone! After the purchase, the NFT is automatically saved in your so-called wallet.

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