Diablo 4: 150 to 180 hours to max level 100

from Karsten Scholz
Recently, several journalists had the opportunity to chat about Diablo 4 with Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora, Game Producer Ash Sweetring, and Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson. A number of interesting topics emerged.

Recently, several journalists had the chance to chat about Diablo 4 with Blizzard’s Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora, Game Producer Ash Sweetring, and Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson. It was about playing time, class balance, strongholds and much more. In the following, we have summarized the most important results for you (via WoWHead).

Game time, class and PvP balance, strongholds

  • Liberating a stronghold from the forces of Hell will pacify the associated area and unlock access to dungeons, quest vendors, and more. The difficulty of a stronghold is relative to your character strength. In the last preview, the monsters in the fortress were two levels above the character level. However, in the live version of the game, these level differences will vary depending on the Stronghold.
  • There are some developers on the Diablo 4 team who have had a lot of experience balancing classes in a number of Blizzard games. A goal is that you can master a large part of the content with any possible build. The second goal: All classes should have a relatively large number of playable builds. However, developers expect that there will be some inconsistencies at the top level. Diablo 4’s class balance is intended to be maintained over a very long period of time.
  • For launch, the developers want to focus on creating a good balance for the PvE area. The PvP meta will crystallize over time, and then the developers will make adjustments based on player feedback.
  • According to the developers, you will need around 35 to 45 hours to play through the campaign. To reach the maximum level 100 you should plan 150 to 180 hours.

Diablo 4: Official Release Date Trailer

Dungeons, procedural content, companions and bosses

  • The dungeons should feel fun and special, which the developers also want to achieve by designing different dungeon objectives that are based on the backstory of the dungeon.
  • Many parts of the vast, otherworldly game world were procedurally generated, as were the dungeons, which should also feel new on the third or fourth visit. At the same time, all areas must have their own identity and personality.
  • While there are some familiar characters in the game world to help you on your adventure, there is currently no confirmation of hired mercenaries. Perhaps the future will bring something along these lines.
  • All classes receive Diablo 4 (buy now €79.99 ) a dodge button so they can avoid an attack even if their build doesn’t rely on mobility or immunity. In turn, the very existence of this skill allows designers to create more dangerous boss encounters and mechanics. There will also be some ways for players to change Dodge.
  • A character’s healing potions no longer work via a cooldown like they did in Diablo 3, but via charges. To get more charges, damage or kill enemies. Aggressive play is therefore rewarded.

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