Biggest NFT Drop in 2022 – Is the Next Bored Ape Yacht Club Coming? –

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Last month, Tamadoge caught everyone’s eye after the project raised an impressive $19 million in pre-sales in just 55 days. The project is a blockchain-based P2E game where users can create their own digital pet. After cultivating this, they can compete against each other and have the opportunity to qualify for reward payouts in the native TAMA token.

After the explosive presale, the token was listed on OKX on September 27th. This popular crypto exchange is the fourth largest crypto exchange according to CoinGecko, with a daily trading volume of around $2 billion – so the project managed to convince a real top player!



Now Tamadoge has confirmed: The first NFT collection of the project starts this week. According to the official website,, the release of the first NFT drop is scheduled to take place on October 6. These Tamadoge NFTs are then used as in-game assets in the P2E game.

Tamadoge Ultra NFTs!📣

Limited to 100 NFTs, these pumped up dogs have been to the gym💪.

They’ve improved their agility, speed, and awareness, giving their owners an overall stat boost that helps them climb the leaderboards and get more rewards!🙌

Tamadog NFTs: What you need to know

Tamadoge’s NFT collection will consist of 21,100 NFTs divided into three categories: Ultra Rare (100 units), Rare (1,000 units) and Common (20,000 units). Each of these NFTs will have unique traits and abilities. These allow users to play the Tamadoge P2E game, climb the leaderboard there and get their reward in the form of TAMA tokens.

All Tamadoge owners will receive a puppy version of their NFT at the launch of the main Tamadoge game. Tamadoge’s Battle App game will enter early beta in the coming weeks.

Tamadoge NFT Drop: Ultra-rare NFTs will be available on October 6th

On Thursday, October 6th, Tamadoge will drop his ultra-rare NFTs. There are 100 of them. Compared to the rare and common NFTs, these have higher agility, speed, and attention.

This gives their owners an overall stat boost, allowing them to more easily climb the leaderboards and earn more rewards. According to the Tamadoge website, the probability of reaching a top 3 ranking is even 90% higher than that of rare and common NFTs.

Tamadoge’s rare and common NFTs will also soon be available via

The Tamadoge crypto token has responded well to the NFT announcement and is currently trading at $0.177. In comparison, it was down from $0.026 on Saturday, October 1st, a 600% increase over the past three days.

Last updated on October 10, 2022

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