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Bloomberg estimates the Metaverse market at a whopping $800 billion. A small piece of the lucrative target market can secure a new Metaverse cryptocurrency, which is currently in the final stages of presales. Because Calvaria: Duels of Eternity has 10x potential according to many crypto traders. Recently, a crypto whale became aware of the new P2E game, which integrates metaverse elements for an experience-oriented gaming experience. The fifth phase of the presale is well underway, 78% of tokens have already been sold. Early investors should therefore not wait too long if they want to realize a 10x return after the ICO.

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Calvary Presale

Versatile NFT trading card game in Metaverse

The new NFT trading card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is based on a multi-functional concept that contains various functions. First of all, Play-2-Earn-Game offers the opportunity to get to know the new Metaverse world for free. Thanks to free-to-play, no initial investment is required, which deters some players from testing the new game. At the same time, 3D characters, mobile games, a P2P marketplace and a scholarship system will be anchored on Calvaria.

According to the developers, they want to create an exciting and balanced ecosystem for Calvaria that contains various game resources. The different elements of the game create an exciting and unique gaming experience that takes place in the universe of Calvaria.

Calvary metaverse

Innovative game concept attracts crypto whales

The innovative concept of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity aims to enter the mass market, which is considered particularly lucrative. Because many crypto games already want to reach the mass market, but mostly move on the border between blockchain games and the conventional game market. Calvaria focuses on innovation and would like to combine a free smartphone application for Web2 games with the P2E version of the Web3 game. This increases the likelihood that the conversion will be successful and that conventional players will shed their fear of the digital currency market. This very approach should also have gotten a crypto whale to invest.

Because last week, on-chain data revealed that a crypto whale accumulated $100,000 worth of RIA tokens and apparently sees great upside potential in the new Metaverse coin.

What is Calvary?

Calvaria is the project behind the new NFT trading card game, which will be called Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. The launch of the game is planned for 2023. In the crypto space, Calvaria revolves around the typical concept of NFT trading card games. Players buy the cards as in-game assets – here via the secure Polygon network. In the future, you will compete against other players with an individual set of cards to earn rewards.

“Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a card game where players compete in tournaments using cards that represent different characters, each with their own unique abilities. The goal for the player is to defeat his opponents using complex strategies and tactics to gain rewards and various upgrades.”


Decentralized control of P2E games planned

In the medium term, control of the P2E game must be transferred to a decentralized, independent organization that will give the RIA holder co-determination rights over the further development of the game. The influence corresponds to the amount of RIA tokens that the holders own.

“Calvaria: DoE will gradually evolve into a decentralized, autonomous organization governed by the community.”

In the white paper, those responsible mention various topics on which society must have an influence. This includes, for example, the distribution of prize money or changes in tokenomics.

Buy Calvaria (RIA) before IEO at $0.0325

Given the size of the target market and the hype potential of a Metaverse token, early investors should immediately decide whether to still buy RIA cheaply at $0.0325. Because with the upcoming IEO, which is diligently planned by those responsible in the background, the RIA process can explode. Already 78% of the RIA tokens have been sold, the fundraising is approaching the $2.5 million milestone that Calvaria was able to reach in a matter of weeks.

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