Company design: New look: This is what the logo for the Oberallgäu district looks like now

Not only companies, but also municipalities now have their own appearances such as logos and corporate designs to advertise themselves. The district of Oberallgäu presented its new logo in the district council on Friday. According to its own description, it is “progressive and modern”.

The district of Oberallgäu changes everything to the new logo

From the new year, the Oberallgäu district wants to change everything to the new design. This includes the district’s office supplies (stationery, etc.), print products, and digital channels (eg social media).

In a press release, the Oberallgäu district office provides information on the most important points (further text: district office Oberallgäu):

Necessity of the measure

A pragmatic reason was the deciding factor for Oberallgäu district administrator Indra Baier-Müllers and the district’s decision to develop new design guidelines and a new word-image brand: The website – the district’s main figurehead – is outdated in terms of functionality and usability and is in urgent need of a new edition. In addition, its design no longer seems up-to-date and hardly suitable for addressing young target groups. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Oberallgäu district, it was therefore decided to revise the existing design.

The new design elements

At the heart of the new design guidelines is the new logo for the district office and the district as state and municipal authorities. This consists of an image and a word tag including a claim.

The logo captures the striking, scenic features of the Oberallgäu district in a very simplified form, showing the pastures, water bodies and mountains of the region in a circular frame. The logo tries to remain as simple as possible in its idiom, thus fulfilling the design principle that a figure mark can at best be traced in three lines to be remembered well.

The figure mark is completed by the Oberallgäu letters and the handwritten slogan “Zämed hebe”. This motto is on the one hand aimed at the distinctive dialect that prevails in the district and on the other hand recalls the formation of the Oberallgäu district through the merger of the two old districts of Kempten and Sonthofen 50 years ago. This should focus on the fact that, despite and because of the differences between the northern and southern parts of the city, a strong bond has arisen from this connection, which must be strengthened in the future.
For economic reasons, the new text-image mark is used primarily in its monochrome form – consisting of areas or outlines. In addition, there is a colored variant of the logo that defines future house brands.

the next steps

At the beginning of the new year, the district office will gradually introduce the new design guidelines for all media. In addition to changing the channels on social media, the prelude will be a visual overhaul of the website. The templates for documents, presentations and business cards will also be adapted gradually from the beginning of the year. Flyers and brochures are adapted during ongoing production.

In addition, the development of the new website, which is expected to be modernized not only visually, but also in terms of user-friendliness, is expected to begin at the same time before the end of 2023.

The costs

For the development of the new corporate design, the district office had created a part-time position limited to about six months. This procedure had several advantages for the authority: the costs for the preparation of the new design guidelines, including the legal registration of the trademark, were clearly lower than those that would have resulted from commissioning an external agency. In addition, the District Office owns all rights to the resulting materials. Hidden costs are therefore excluded.

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