invidis annual commentary 2022/2023: Michaela Hirsch | Peerless AV

Looking now to 2023 and the next ISE, given the economic uncertainty, what can we expect in terms of technological innovation and trends over the next year and beyond?

A trend that is not necessarily new, and which we expect to continue to grow over the next few years, is the demand for larger and larger screen applications to make the most of a space and to its full height and width. Typically, some rooms are limited by height, so the only option is to expand laterally.

Digital Signage & DooH: Invidi’s Annual Comments 2022/2023

Video conferencing and collaborative workspaces, showrooms and events are some applications where LFDs – whether LCD or LED – are increasingly necessary as the widescreen HD format offers more screen real estate for data or information.

Many formats possible

All major OEMs now have UHD screens for immersive viewing experiences up to 110 inches. Many are also releasing large-format all-in-one LED display solutions for customers looking to go a bit bigger, especially in the 110-inch to 168-inch range. Depending on the desired viewing experience, both traditional 16:9 screens and new formats in 21:9 and 32:9 ratios are possible. There is also an upswing in all-in-one displays. The simple handling in sales simplifies many processes, as you only have to work with one product number.

Of course, choosing the right mounting solution to support these new XL displays, all-in-one displays and soundbar units is critical. Working with all leading OEMs, Peerless-AV offers both standard wall mount and trolley solutions – with adapter rail accessories – with the quality, stability, safety and reliability required for any professional installation.

As a manufacturer of, among other things, professional DV LED mounting structures, cooperation with and close relations with the OEMs is of fundamental importance. As the LED market advances, prices drop and demand surges, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and support OEMs and integration partners with expert project support and services. There are no limits to the creativity of customers and users, and we can see that in our pipeline. The requirements are becoming more complex and challenging and require customized and precision manufactured assembly systems with end-to-end project management and on-site consulting.

LCD and DooH are also popular

While DV-LED will undoubtedly bring a world of new possibilities in 2023 and beyond, traditional LCD video walls still have a place and will continue to do so for some time to come. In fact, some end customers, including large blue-chip companies, car dealers and retail stores, are returning to LCD video walls. There are many reasons: price, budget, design, application, etc. LCD video wall installations also lack the complexity and necessary level of careful expertise required to handle and install LED walls. Installers appreciate the logic and simplicity of the LCD video wall mount products. Direct feedback from integrators who regularly install our products in the field confirms that our tool-less 8-point fine adjustment on the X, Y and Z axes remains a significant differentiator.

Also in the DooH sector, the trend towards larger display sizes is steadily increasing, in line with the demand for out-of-home advertising as a low-cost medium and to reach the audience in a targeted way. Peerless-AV’s latest outdoor displays are available in sizes up to 75 inches and offer brightness levels of up to 3000 nits with an ambient light sensor that reduces brightness levels depending on the time of day. An important function at dusk and at night, as well as an important energy-saving function.

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The rental sector as well as fairs and exhibitions are also an interesting and important sales channel. Together with our partners, we were able to support very well-known exhibitions, Buga in Erfurt, the Porsche stand at the IAA in Munich and the Wirtgen Group stand at Bauma, also in Munich.

In combination with an outdoor kiosk stand and many optional components that can be combined later, e.g. IR touch overlay, speaker, camera, outdoor displays can be transformed into real interactive solutions. We see a clear trend in demand here and will continue to expand this product segment.
Despite challenging times ahead for economies around the world, innovation and growth are expected to continue. We look positively at the new year.

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