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There was impressive momentum at the end of the IMPT.io presale. The last three hours of the presale have just begun. Now, early investors need to be quick if they want to still buy IMPT tokens at $0.023 and take advantage of the bullish momentum. Because over the past 24 hours, around two million dollars have been invested in the green coin with future potential. The current price of $0.023 seems attractive for several reasons. First of all, the launch on Wednesday will include a surcharge of around 10%. In addition, the strong bullish momentum of IMPT indicates a pump after the IEO, which will take place on December 14 on three different crypto exchanges.

Here directly to the IMPT.io Presale

Demand for green cryptocurrency explodes: IMPT one of the best crypto pre-sales of the year

We already reported yesterday that the pre-sale of IMPT is proceeding successfully. At the time, fundraising had just reached approximately $18 million. The bullish target of over $20 million has been declared. If successful, the momentum could easily spill over to the IEO and allow for a quick return there. Has it now succeeded? IMPT is a $20 million cryptocurrency and could well invest another $100,000 in the next few hours.

This sometimes significantly surpasses successful pre-sales of the past. For example, the hyped top 100 coin STEPN was only able to earn well over $10 million at the beginning of the year. The new meme coin Tamadoge raised 19 million dollars and, after the ICO, the investors brought more than ten times their initial investment. Such a 10x return now also seems possible for IMPT in the short term.

IMPT Presale ends today: Here’s what’s next

The IMPT Presale ends in approximately three hours. Then there will be timely information on how to claim tokens. Should the token claim already take place today? more on that soon.

Tomorrow, CEO Denis Creighton is hosting another AMA to answer questions from early investors.

However, IMPT holders should wait anxiously for Wednesday. Because then the first quotations take place. With three crypto exchanges initially taking over the listing of IMPT, there is more than enough liquidity to cause a positive price development. The leading Ethereum-DEX Uniswap takes over IDO, CEX listings take place at LBank and Changelly.

IMPT Price Forecast: Is the Green Coin Exploding Now?

In particular, an IMPT price forecast indicates near-term potential due to the strong bullish momentum. The whole look of IMPT.io looks professional, the people in charge were able to win various crypto exchanges early (7 more to follow in the next few weeks) and the product development is also well advanced. The long-term potential comes from high-growth trends that IMPT.io is targeting as the global first platform for NFT and blockchain-based. There are always inherent risks in crypto pre-sales. However, the risk-reward ratio looks attractive to accumulate the IMPT token to $0.023 in the next few hours.

10x returns in just one week? Buy now fast IMPT for $0.023

In just one week, IMPT ergo can make a 10x return. With three different crypto exchanges, sufficient liquidity is ensured to start trading. At the same time, the first 10% profit is almost guaranteed, as these can be realized automatically with the launch price. Already an unexcited IDO? more at the moment advocate a pump? would thus generate an above-average return in just two days.

Investors now have about three hours to stock up on the eco-friendly cryptocurrency. To do this, simply visit the IMPT.io website, connect the crypto wallet with a single click and exchange IMPT for ETH/USDT. Alternatively, you can easily complete the purchase directly via credit card. From experience, the purchase takes less than five minutes. Being quick could now pay off in IMPT thanks to strong bullish momentum.

Buy quickly before the IEO IMPT token in the presale

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