More resignations in moths leave the shrinking parliament behind

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Of: Sabrina Mehler

Katja Habersack wants to remain in office. (Archive photo) © Norman Zellmer

Motten municipality’s municipal assembly is about to be dissolved: The announcement by six municipal council members that they want to resign was followed up by two other elected representatives on Thursday. All that remains now is a shrinking four-member parliament.

Update from 9 December at 9:58 a.m.: After half of the municipal board has already resigned, two more are now following suit. The entire WG group has now resigned as one. These are: the second mayor, Ute Becker, as well as Manuel Mehler, Thomas Statt, Rudolf Will, Guido Schreiner, Steffen Herbert, Andrea Wirsing and Alfons Erb.

Lower Franconia: Further resignations in moths leave the shrinking parliament behind

Now the list replacements must move up, who were on the constituency Motten’s list of candidates at the local elections two and a half years ago. There are a total of 15 candidates. The question many are now asking: How many of you are willing to accept your mandate? “I expect that there will be some refusals. But that needs to be shown,’ says Katja Habersack, who has been mayor of the Bavarian community since 2020 and lives in Eichenzell-Lütter.

The legal steps are now underway. This means: First the first eight successors are written to, in case of rejection, letters go out to the next people on the list. “It may happen that seats in the municipal council are vacant,” says Habersack.

In the worst case scenario, the situation could arise where the municipal council for the remaining two and a half years of the election period only consists of the two municipal council members from the Kothen electoral group and the two municipal council members from the Speicherz electoral group. It would be a “curiosity”, explains a spokesman for the Bavarian municipal council to the Fuldaer Zeitung. It has never happened in Bavaria that an entire parliamentary group resigns and no single successor can be found.

“The legislator did not think that was possible either, so there is no regulation for this in the Bavarian Municipal Act.” In contrast to, for example, Baden-Württemberg or Saxony, so-called “supplementary elections” are possible there. In the Bavarian Motten, the small shrinking parliament was to make the decisions in the future.

First report from 8 December at 20.19: Motten – It’s a local political boom in Lower Franconia: The situation in Motten is apparently so broken that the group of eight voters for WG Motten and the mayor, who has been in office for two and a half years, could no longer withdraw. together.

Katja Habersack explained in a short press release on Wednesday that a total of six municipal councils have resigned. Among them was the second mayor, Ute Becker, who had been a member of the municipal council since 1996 and had also held the post of deputy mayor for 20 years.

Lower Franconia: In Motten, half of the municipal board resigns

There had recently been Zoff for several reasons: Habersack had been accused, among other things, of “a striking number of resignations in the municipal administration” and insufficient communication with employees. New construction projects would also be inadequately completed. There are other conflicts with the church administration, the priest, the kindergarten management and the forest warden. About two weeks ago, WG Motten circulated a list of ten points of criticism and demanded Mayor Habersack’s resignation.

It again confirmed that there were challenges due to the “short staffing”. However, she categorically refused to resign and explained: “My goal is to continue to prepare the municipality for the future and continue to promote positive development. I will do my best.”

It’s still there, Habersack explained when asked by our newspaper. She was no longer quite so surprised by the resignation of the municipal councils – and thus half of the municipal councils -: “It has been indicated in recent days.”

The list replacements for the election proposal in the Motten electorate community are now stepping up for the departed municipal council members. “We will quickly prepare the municipal legal steps to do that,” Habersack said. The office of second mayor must also be filled. The election will then be the task of the newly constituted municipal council. “We would like to thank all the outgoing members of the municipal board for the work they have done and their commitment to Motten municipality’s interests, as well as the best wishes for the future,” she explains.

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