Pre-IPO IMPT: Crypto Investors Going Crazy! | 08.12.22

The time is coming soon: IMPT, the green coin, will go to the crypto exchanges. Shortly before the pre-sale officially ends, there are still a real run on the sustainable cryptocurrency IMPT. Within just 24 hours, 1 million had been collected alone. USD. Meanwhile, more than $15.5 million has flowed into the project from private investors.

As an investor, you only have until December 11 to invest this sensational blockchain project getting in The crypto presale is officially over and the price of the IMPT coin is likely to rise right after the listing.

In the presale, you can still buy the coin at the special price of $0.023.

What is IMPT?

The sustainable cryptocurrency is exclusively dedicated to the topic of climate protection and was able to convince with this concept. Sustainable investments are not only trendy, they are also promoted by the EU and are already prescribed by standards in the classic financial market. IMPT gives you access to private trading in CO? certificates. This gives you the opportunity to invest in a strong market and make a decisive contribution to climate protection.

Burn the CO? certificates, get NFTs designed by artists. The emission credits are thus out of the market and can no longer be bought by companies to compensate for their emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide. The resulting scarcity usually leads to higher prices. But at IMPT there is a different, extremely lucrative approach.

Within the EU and in Germany, CO? certificates are subject to pricing by legislators at national level. In this country, the price per gigaton of CO? therefore by 2026 at a price range of 55 to 65? climb. So you don’t have to do anything and trade a possibly expensive asset completely automatically.

Take advantage of IMPT’s presale price of only $0.023 now!

What are the benefits of IMPT?

The focus here is not on optimizing profit, but on protecting our environment and the climate. On the IMPT platform, you will receive special prices from the leading stores and from the best-known brands. Amazon, Samsung, Bloomingdale’s and are just some of the partners already working with IMPT. They present their climate protection projects on the platform Choose and support yourself as a customer with your purchase.

You will be credited with points for shopping at affiliated partner companies, which you can then use to purchase CO? emission certificates.

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The original cryptocurrency IMPT is not only there for access to the ecosystem, but also acts as an investment. Listing on crypto exchanges such as LBank or Uniswap will start on December 12. As soon as the coin is officially traded, analysts expect the price to increase. Some analysts are even talking about a x500 potential for $IMPT.

The limited issuance of CO2 allowances creates greater demand, and this usually drives up the price of the allowances. So the investors only have to wait until the market develops in their favor and they can earn extremely lucrative returns.

Why is IMPT so successful?

The previous successes have set new benchmarks in the industry. Rarely, if ever, has a crypto presale caused so much excitement and been able to raise these amounts in such a short time. So far, almost 16 million USD is available, with which the developers of IMPT can now further develop and expand the project. But the listing on crypto exchanges from December 12, 2022 is particularly exciting.

Any investor will be keen to pay close attention to prices. It is expected that additional private investors will join after the IPOwhich have not yet been able to take advantage of pre-sales. This should have further positive effects on the price of IMPT. Incidentally, utility token IMPT is pegged to stablecoin USDT, which is what volatility minimized and ensures stability in the courses.

IMPT: Enter now or not?

There are still a few days left when you can take advantage of the special pre-sale price. Currently, the IMPT token costs only $0.023, which makes it a really good deal. Register with LBank and Uniswap before the IPO and make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

Support the climate and protect our environment with IMPT!

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