Midi tower with an elegant wooden front (video)

The new Fractal Design North does a lot with its elegant shape and noble wooden front, especially visually. But can the midi tower also convince in practice? We installed our test system and tested the case for you in the video.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your workplace, the gaming corner or the living room, the new Fractal Design North should be able to be integrated anywhere with its smart look. You can choose between two colors (white and black) and decide whether you prefer a side panel made of mesh or tempered glass. In terms of price, the Nordics to 159.90 euros Guidance price.

The scope of delivery of the midi tower includes an accessory kit with all screws for hardware installation and an easy-to-understand manual. The Mesh variant also has one from the factory small fan hub with 4x 4-pin connectors (pre-installed).

Video test: Elegant and powerful at the same time?

practical impressions

For the hands-on test, we installed our current residential test system in Fractal Design North. We trust one AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (8 cores, 16 threads, max. 4.7 GHz) in combination with a MSI X570S Ace Max. There’s also 16GB of Patriot Viper RGB DDR4-4133 memory, an Arctic Freezer A35 ARGB cooler and a MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio on board.

The hardware was easy to install in the case without any major difficulties. To The manual explains the most important steps very clearly and also gives you practical tips for various installation options. Thanks to the removable elements, the norden provides good access to the interior. The 8-pin EPS connector for the CPU power supply in particular was easy to connect thanks to the removable cover. Excess cables can end up very effectively cluttered under the PSU cover.


  • Neutral – CPU: avg 36 °C (30% fan speed) // GPU: Ø 33 °C (fan off/passive mode)
  • load (Cinebench R23) – CPU: Ø 81 °C at Ø 4.5 GHz
  • load (Prime95 Small FFTs + Furmark 4K) – CPU: max 83 °C at Ø 4.3 GHz // GPU: max 73 °C

The two front fans seem to have enough power Effectively push the air backwards and upwards. The very “airy” back also helps to ensure that the heated air can escape easily. If you wish, you can install additional fans to further optimize the air flow.


At the front fans’ maximum speed of 1,700 rpm, Fractal Design North is clearly noticeable. That too open front greatly contributes to this, but now ensures a good draft inside. The noise level becomes more pleasant when the fans are regulated to around 1,000 rpm. The Nordic is then only barely noticeable when idling.

With some tweaks and possibly extra fans, the golden mean between cooling performance and volume can definitely be found here. There are also various options for water cooling. But remember: Temperatures and volume also depend on your hardware configuration.


Fractal Design North not only looks very elegant, but also convinces with a good cooling performance. The design is a refreshing change in the otherwise rather monotonous case market and is accompanied by high quality craftsmanship. Of course, tastes differ, but we really like the elegant wooden front.

The front fan duo efficiently blows the hot air out of the case, but it also gets a bit louder at maximum speed due to the open front. So the Fractal Design North is not a silent case unless you install extra fans and tweak the speed curve.

In addition, you can expect modern equipment with USB-C on the front panel and enough space for larger hardware components despite the rather compact dimensions. The package is completed by removable dust filters at the front and at the bottom. It is debatable whether a filter is also necessary in the lid.

The price of 159.90 euros is certainly not cheap, but the Fractal Design North is a highly recommended case, whether it is on the desk or next to the TV.



Fractal Design North


  • good cooling performance with two front fans
  • smart design with high quality
  • noble front made of real wood
  • modern front panel with USB-C
  • enough space for larger hardware
  • Removable dust filter (front and bottom)
  • pure cable management possible


  • The front doesn’t exactly blow quietly at maximum speed
  • (no dust filter in the lid)

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