Jörger Design celebrates this year’s grand finale with a new “Valencia” jewelry design

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Gopulent, luxurious and very very elegant – With new Jewelry design of “Valencia” in gold with malachite Jörger caused a sensation at the end of 2022. that connection of 24-carat gold-plated surface with the fascinating green gemstone is overwhelming On a and provides the exclusive bathroom decor outermost Elegance.

Design and manufacture of bathroom fixtures at the highest level. This is what Neme Jörger has stood for internationally for many, many years. The exclusive series “Valencia” is absolutely exemplary, setting milestones for exquisite aesthetics in the bathroom, not least with the introduction of the jewelry edition.

But Jörger Design wouldn’t be Jörger Design if there wasn’t always an increase in what has been achieved. And that is precisely what has to do with Oliver Jörger, the chief designer of the traditional family company, and his creative team.

The premium jewelry design of “Valencia” in gold with malachite forms the culmination of an exceptionally creative and innovative Jörger design year 2022.

The first-class Jörger jewelry design from “Valencia” in gold with malachite

The latest “Valencia” design from the Mannheim design firm combines the 24-karat gold surface produced in-house with malachite from Zambia.

Malachite – fascinating eye-catcher

Malachite is one of six natural gemstones that Jörger has introduced as a luxurious and highly decorative design option for the fall 2021 “Valencia” faucet handles. The new piece of jewelry in the “Valencia” collection rests in a body made of precious metal with characteristically designed rifles.

Characteristic of malachite is its fascinating green. The color spectrum goes from light green to very dark green. The stone often appears as if it were crossed by bands or concentric rings. It is precisely this multicolor and pattern that makes malachite a fascinatingly beautiful and decorative gemstone. Each stone is created by nature and is also unique.

Together with the exclusive gold surface, the malachite “Valencia” fittings give a breathtaking new aesthetic radiance of extreme elegance.

Jörger’s top class surface “Gold (.020)”

The “Gold (.020)” surface is the most luxurious galvanic surface that the Mannheim design factory has in its portfolio due to the 24-carat gold coating. Needless to say, only pure, genuine gold is used at Jörger for electroplating.

Jörger’s luxury bathroom design with “Valencia” in gold with malachite – products and manufacturers

“Valencia” in gold with malachite plays the main role in the stunningly elegant luxury bathroom, but the entire bathroom ensemble is top class as a complete work of art.

The equipment for the design bathroom at a glance:

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Jörger is a German designer and manufacturer of high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories – since 1909.

Tradition and innovation since 1909. The Mannheim-based JÖRGER fittings and accessories factory GmbH was founded in 1909. Oliver Jörger is the fourth generation to lead the international family business. As a designer, he has been personally responsible for Jörger Design for over 20 years.

Design and manufacture. Excellent design and high quality, handmade production in Germany characterize the company’s standard of values.

Aesthetics in the bathroom. As a manufacturer of exquisite bathroom fittings and accessories, Jörger creates overall concepts. Jörger’s collections form a complete work of art with fittings and accessories for washbasins, showers, toilets/bidets and bathtubs.

design worlds. The program contains very different worlds of style and experience: “modern and minimalist”, “classic and elegant”, “luxury and avant-garde” and “romanticism and nostalgia”. In this way, the design factory meets the preferences and tastes of different cultures around the world.

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