Sandbox and Decentraland have new Metaverse competitors

The leading Metaverse projects have enjoyed great popularity over the past two years. Now they have a new competitor in RobotEra. In this article you will learn all about the new robot universe and get step-by-step instructions on how to buy Taro Tokens.


Sandbox, Decentraland and now RobotEra?

The Sandbox was released in 2012. The open world game has over 300 partnerships with major companies. Among others adidas and Warner Music Group own properties in the world. As of August 2018, the game has been downloaded over 40 million times. To date, thousands of users visit the platform every month.

Decentraland Home new

The second largest Metaverse Decentraland also has a large community. According to its own information, the platform has over 56,000 users per month. The worlds allow players to create their own landscapes, build houses and rent them out.

The features will also be available in the RobotEra universe. Players can decide for themselves whether they want to just pass the time in the world and play games or go into professional trading or real estate construction and generate an income with it.

Metaverse in robot design

Anyone comfortable in the digital worlds of Decentraland or The Sandbox will quickly find their way around RobotEra. Unique robot characters await users here. Each player chooses a unique NFT-based bot at the beginning of the game. In the next step, players choose a continent to play on. Each country has its own history and personal characteristics.

With a unique name and personal appearance, players will be able to recognize each other in the future. In addition, the robot is owned by the gamer through the NFT mechanism.

Buy RobotEra NFTs

With the chosen bot, players will be able to explore the RobotEra Metaverse in the future. They must have the opportunity to buy their own land, build a house, become an owner and landlord or play games. One player vs. player mode is also planned for the world.

In the future, the Metaverse should offer numerous opportunities to pass the time. Players can explore the world on their own, make new contacts or attack other countries to secure valuable resources.

Through gaming to earn and skilled gaming for regular income

However, the focus on the platform will not be a pastime. The developers wanted to create a world where users can generate a stable income. In their white paper, the team describes that there will be an opportunity to provide for the family through RobotEra.

Users should have more opportunities to receive a regular income or just occasionally earn additional tokens.

The first and most profitable option will be the planting of valuable trees. The robot players must take good care of these. They could end up harvesting Taro Tokens. Some coins can also be collected by mining.

Robotera Presale - buy now

Those who prefer to focus on trade can farm, gather or craft resources. These can then be bought by other players on the marketplace.

Players who prefer to delve into the real estate market can build a hotel, advertising space or house on their own land, which they then rent out. This allows them to generate a regular, high income.

Another way to earn regular tokens is the classic Play to Earn mode. First, players can visit other robots’ countries and play an existing game there. Winners receive taro tokens as a reward.

If you do not want to play yourself, but do not want to miss out on winnings, you can create a game on your personal land. A portion of the profit is distributed to the owner of the game.

So compared to other metaverse or crypto projects, RobotEra will offer numerous opportunities to earn extra money. In addition to the variants in the game itself, there is also the option of using the existing taro token in staking.

The RobotEra pre-sale – 369,000 in 25 days

A total of 270 million tokens are available to buyers for the current presale. These will be sold in three phases. As of this writing, traders are getting the coins at a price of $0.020.

In the next section, the price increases to $0.025. In the third and final phase, tokens will be available at a price of $0.032. So far, the project has already raised $369,000.

The ERC-20 token called TARO is the digital currency of the Metaverse. All transactions are paid with these coins. According to the developer whitepaper, tokens are distributed as follows:

15% of tokens are available in the presale. 10% is reserved for the team. 25% should be retained to play to earn the mechanism.

33% of Taro tokens are reserved for the DAO. 9% is made available to the ECO fund. 3% each will be available to institutional investors and advisors.

The project is currently experiencing high demand. Despite the ongoing bear market, investors are actively buying the coins. At the same time, a decreasing number of users can be observed in the leading Metavers project Decentraland. It is quite possible that RobotEra will develop as a strong competitor to the existing platforms in the future.

Buy TARO Token: A Step-by-Step Guide

Robota buys Germany

Step 1: Connect the crypto wallet

Anyone who already has experience trading cryptocurrencies knows that a crypto wallet is necessary for this. In the first step, link your digital wallet to RobotEra’s website.

Step 2: Select payment method

After the connection is established, you can see the payment methods in the trading window. You can use USDT, ETH or buy via credit card. Use the button for the desired variant.

Step 3: Confirm purchase

This will open another window. Enter here how many tokens you want to buy. Check that your information is correct and confirm the purchase by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

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