IMPT Price Prediction: Only Four Days To Pre-Sale For This $15M Coin – Exchange Listings Confirmed | 07.12.22


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Those responsible at were able to raise $15 million for the green coin, which wants to use blockchain technology to disrupt emissions trading and establish ESG-compliant online shopping. Investors can currently buy cheap IMPT tokens for $0.023. However, the pre-sale only lasts four days. Several IPOs have already been confirmed for next week. Those responsible are currently working on many other lists.

There should be no shortage of liquidity at IDO next week to ensure a successful start to trading. If you are speculating on a positive price development after the initial stock market listing and at the same time want to participate in a future-oriented feel-good investment, you should be quick now. Because in four days, the chance to buy the IMPT token at $0.023 may be a thing of the past forever. Because there are a few price drivers that could drive the IMPT price up through the interaction of supply and demand.

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Massive Presale Demand: Hits $15 Million Milestone

Things are going strong at the moment. Despite the continued ailing overall market, which is characterized by increasing uncertainty after the FTX crash, can create momentum and attract more and more investors. A capital raising of 14 million dollars was reached just a few days ago. Today on Twitter there was news that they raised $14.5 million and now we’re up to $15 million.

A strong momentum and increasing FOMO effect towards the end of the pre-sale is currently driving crypto investors to Apparently, no one wants to miss out on the innovative green coin that traders are increasingly associating with 10x potential as an ESG asset.

IMPT Dates: These dates should be noted by crypto investors now

In a few days, the presale will be over for good after those responsible decided to shorten it due to the current market environment and advanced product development. Apparently it sees itself well capitalized with over 15 million dollars to achieve the ambitious goals and make our world a little more worth living in.

This is the path to potential 10x wins after IDO:

The IMPT Presale lasts four more days. Pre-sale ends December 11. All then excess Phase 2 tokens are burned directly, thus reducing the total supply.

A day later, investors can claim their coins on December 12th as part of the token claim.Experience has shown that you simply connect the used wallet to the platform and IMPT tokens appear in the crypto wallet.

later The IMPT token will start public trading on December 14th. Here list the leading Ethereum-DEX Uniswap IMPT to IDO. At the same time, the centralized crypto exchanges LBank and ChangellyPro are conducting their initial listings.

Fast-growing megatrends and well-known affiliate network

After initial hype, future price growth at IMPT may be mainly due to the growth factors inherent to the platforms at various points. Because targets high-growth megatrends, such as positioning as an ESG asset. At the same time, demand within e-commerce and optional trading of emissions will increase over the next few years.

With a recognized network of affiliate partners, the shopping platform looks attractive at first glance. Because 25,000 affiliate partnerships even before the official launch of the platform and IDO is extremely promising. At the same time, there are famous names such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adidas, Lego and many more.

IMPT Marketplace

With cryptos against climate change: relies on a promising approach wants to use blockchain technology intelligently to use its inherent advantages to solve existing challenges. For example, the market for optional trading in emissions is now considered to be very fragmented. Fraud and greenwashing are widespread. It is not uncommon for emission certificates to be used twice. This takes the claim of a market-based instrument to absurdity and leaves untapped potential in the fight against climate change. The experienced team has chosen blockchain technology as the solution to map CO2 credits transparently, immutably and securely in the future.

?’s vision is to provide simple, affordable and effective mechanisms to help every member of society fight climate change and invest in our planet. Our goal is to help each individual and organization make an effective difference while becoming carbon neutral or even carbon negative.?

First,’s shopping platform brings consumers and businesses together. On the one hand, the purchase supports environmental protection projects, while on the other hand, the buyers get cashback. These IMPT tokens can later be exchanged, traded or burned for carbon credits. By burning, the ecological footprint is compensated, in return the environmentalists get an art NFT, which they can also keep or negotiate.

Last Chance: Buy IMPT Token for $0.023 in presale now

There are less than five days left to accumulate IMPT tokens at the set price of $0.023 in the presale. With the price now set to rise to $0.0253 at the public open, it is clear that a quick rebound can still be achieved even now. Even without a pump after the first listing? many things point to one? if investors could achieve a 10% return in less than a week, the IMPT token should simply start trading solidly.

If you want to take the last chance for the eco-friendly cryptocurrency in presale, just visit the website and connect the crypto wallet to the presale platform. Then exchange ETH or USDT for the IMPT tokens. Alternatively, you can use the third-party provider Transak to buy ETH directly through the website with a credit card, which is then immediately exchanged for IMPT coins. The purchase procedure takes less than five minutes.

Last chance: Buy IMPT Token for $0.023 in presale here

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