Schulwerk separates from the teachers at Dillinger Gymnasium

Schulwerk received chat stories and had a conversation with the student with whom the teacher had a relationship. The man is released with immediate effect.

An educator abuses the teacher-student relationship. The man has sex with a 17-year-old girl at a primary school. Although the Catholic school work Augsburg knew about the incidents, it hired the math teacher. A kind of second chance. Since March, the teacher has therefore taught at St. Bonaventura Gymnasium in Dillingen. Criticism of this decision simmered for weeks, and at the same time parents at the new school supported the teacher. But now he has been released with immediate effect. The parents were informed about this in a letter on Monday.

Teacher at St. Bonaventura High School in Dillingen is released

A few days ago it was said that the man was to work in the IT department at the Augsburg school instead of as a teacher from March. “This is a good solution for everyone,” said Schulwerk boss Peter Kosak. But within a few days the situation changed. Kosak now reports: “Last week, previously unknown information from the past was sent to Schulwerk, the verification of which led to a loss of trust between the school authority and the teacher.” As Kosak confirmed, this “information from the past” is chat history between the teacher and the student. These contradict previous statements by the man. Excerpts from these chat histories, which are also available to our editors, show that the man wrote to the student again and again for months.

The teacher at Bona in Dillingen had sex with a student

Those responsible have now also spoken to the young woman. Schulwerk has apparently received new information that has now led to a reconsideration. The young woman had then transferred to a new school. She struggled with bad grades. Her maths teacher, then 47, first sought contact on social networks and later whispered solutions to her during a test. Then the two met privately, he took her in the car to an observatory. She first made it clear to him that sex was out of the question. When he wanted to cut off contact, she suggested intercourse under pressure. Because of her experiences, a psychotherapist later diagnosed her with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Prosecutors dropped the case against teachers

Cases from the prosecution against the teacher were dropped. On the grounds that the man had not taken advantage of the dependency relationship with his student. The disciplinary proceedings ended after the teacher voluntarily gave up his civil servant status. The Ministry of Culture initially issued a “ban on conducting official business”. Then the teacher changed from the state school to the private school of the Diocese of Augsburg. According to the school authority, protective measures were taken during the trial period. The man is undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment, is no longer allowed to teach at the secondary school and has a temporary job. The procedure met with a lack of understanding from the victims’ representatives and people from the environment of the former school.

The teacher will no longer teach at Dillinger St. Bonaventure High School

At a parents’ evening, the school authority informed the parents whose children are currently being taught by the teacher. They expressed their confidence in Schulwerk. However, the pressure from outside did not diminish, which is why it was agreed in recent weeks, initially in consultation with the teacher, to withdraw him from the lessons. With the release, it is clear that the man will no longer teach at St. Bonaventura Gymnasium in Dillingen. (with mayo)

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