“LOVE” collection: NFTs become increasingly popular in the sports industry: launch of the first tennis NFT collection | news

• The Tennis Association publishes the 300-Piece NFT Collection

• A real game situation is simulated on each NFT

• Despite many projects: 2022 will be a weak year for the NFT industry

NFTs have also long since found their way into sports. For example, there is a separate NFT collection for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. adidas recently launched the second phase of its Metaverse collection. Now there are also NFTs for tennis fans.


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The somewhat different souvenir from the ATP final

The popular final round of the international tennis tournament series ATP takes place in Turin every November, this time Serbian Novak Djokovic left the court as the winner. Tennis enthusiasts can buy very special souvenirs from the tournament this year: on Tuesday, December 6, ATP tennis will release the NTF collection called “LOVE”, which consists of a total of 300 generative digital artworks. The artist behind the new tennis NFT collection is Martin Grasser, and he is from San Francisco. Grasser has built a remarkable reputation in the scene and is supported by the art agency ARTXCODE. Anyone who has purchased an NFT can also order a physical print of the artwork afterwards. When the NFTs are then traded on the secondary market, a percentage of those sales are donated directly to the mental health organization Giving Block.

This is what the tennis collection’s digital tokens look like

Grasser worked with official match data to create the NFT art so he could depict the story of a winning game in the finals with artistic license. The NFTs show tennis balls on a colored background. However, these are not chosen at random, but reflect real game situations. There are various game-changing situations, such as championship-winning points, match-winning points, and set-winning points, of varying rarity.

Thanks to the official data, the balls can be displayed in their exact position, speed and direction of movement. “Art is in everything – in a newspaper, a letter, a swing at a tennis match. These ordinary objects and moments can be broken down into simple components and reassembled into more complex languages,” “Tennis.net” quotes the artist. The general manager of FIT Servici, Marco Martinasso, praised the NFT collection in the highest tones. He is happy that fans now have special moments from Torino and can always remember them in this innovative way.

NFTs: death ahead – or next boom?

How is the NFT market in general? Some market watchers believe that NFTs will disappear as quickly as they came in the past year. The Austrian daily “Der Standard” published an obituary titled “2020 to 2022: Rest in Peace, NFT” in mid-August. Nevertheless, despite the current crypto downturn and the associated downturn in the global NFT market volume, the tennis collection, like many other NFT projects, proves that the digital artworks spark great fascination despite the crypto crisis. Many companies, artists, and collectors remain interested in NFTs, as evidenced by the hype surrounding the Reddit trading platform for NFTs. More than three million Reddit users now have an NFT wallet.

But even some positive developments cannot hide the fact that 2022 will go down in NFT history as a year of disillusionment. Whether NFTs will experience a resurgence in the coming year depends not least on developments in the broader crypto market. It is also crucial whether Metaverse really has as prosperous a future as Meta Platform CEO Marc Zuckerberg, among others, hopes. A lower policy rate will certainly also be beneficial, so that the growth-oriented companies that have recently been penalized will get better credit conditions and more confidence from the investor community.

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