Is the crypto bear market over? Buy the dip with these 4 coins: D2T, IMPT, RIA, TARO

The course crash a few weeks ago left its mark. Most cryptocurrencies are still very far from October levels. The losses were enormous. Still, optimistic traders expect the bear market may be coming to an end. Through a well-known method, some traders are hoping for a profitable January 2023.


The market as a whole shows no signs of recovery

The majority of prices are currently in the red. Bitcoin has performed extremely poorly over the past few days. Other leading coins are also suffering significant discounts. But the market is currently offering some interesting pre-sales. With these projects, experienced traders could resort to a notorious method.

With the Buy the Dip strategy, buyers ideally secure tokens at a low price. If this increases at a later stage, they can get high returns in some cases. In the current presale, prices are between $0.020 and $0.0533. This means that private investors can also enter a project. For $1 you can buy between 30 and 40 coins. However, even experienced traders can use these values ​​to buy large amounts of coins to sell them again at a later time.

This method can be an easy way to reap high returns. Pre-sales often hold great potential, as they are traded in large numbers after publication in most cases.

Dash 2 Trade – last chance to buy D2T tokens in presale

The Dash 2 Trade Token Sale is in its final phase. The developers recently announced that they would significantly reduce the amount of funding. The publication of the website was thus brought forward by several weeks.

The developers responded to the high demand that arose after the FTX price crash. In the future, the platform will offer several applications to optimize your own crypto trading. So Dash 2 Trade comes at a particularly opportune time as the demand for secure crypto trading is rising. According to the D2T team, the website aims to fulfill this need.

Users should be able to access on-chain data, trading signals and automated trading in the future. This provides an opportunity to maximize profits. At the same time, traders should be protected against losses.

The pre-sale is currently in the fourth and final phase. This is already 66% sold out. Buyers will get tokens at a price of $0.0533.

IMPT: The sustainable cryptocurrency will start trading in a few days

The pre-sale of the IMPT platform is also coming to an end. The pre-sale is scheduled to end in just four days. In the past few weeks, the project has been able to receive 14.3 million USD. The developers announced a few days ago on Twitter that the coin should already be listed on three exchanges.

In addition to LBANK, Uniswap and Changelly Pro also confirmed that they would integrate the coins into their offerings. The target is December 14. So there is not much time left for traders to apply the Buy the Dip method on the IMPT coins.

IMPT Home new

With the IMPT platform, the crypto market is enriched with an innovative cryptocurrency this year. The developers want to create a website that will soon give retailers two easy ways to offset their personal carbon footprint. The result is a particularly sustainable crypto that deals with the issue of climate change.

Calvaria: Buy the dive through a set of cards

The pre-sale of RIA tokens is also in the final phase. Today, 27% of the available coins remain. These are priced at USD 0.0333. So for one USD, traders get 30.77 coins.

They have great potential. Because with Calvaria, a unique card game is created on the blockchain. This integrates NFTs, a play to earn mechanism and the Web2 world. The developers want to create a connection with their game to connect the Web2 and Web3 worlds together.

Calvaria new featured image

This gives the project very good forecasts because previous crypto games have focused on crypto users. Some forecasts assume that the value of the RIA token could increase by around 500% in the next few years.

Lots of potential for a price explosion: RobotEra

Compared to the tokens mentioned so far, the RobotEra presale is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, there is a lot of potential hidden here. The developers are currently creating a new Metaverse project.

Users would soon slide into a digital world where they can build, edit and further develop their own countries. Similar to Sandkassen, they will be able to build houses and rent them out. You will be able to create games and play them yourself. They discover the world as NFT-based robots. All lands, buildings and items are also based on the non-fungible tokens.

Robota buys Germany

The team describes the opportunity to play to serve as a “big win.” It should soon even be possible to provide for his family’s livelihood.

Metaverse projects hold great potential. They are called the future of the Internet. Apple, Sony and META have also been working on comparable worlds for a long time.

Tokens are currently available at a price of $0.025. The sale is in the first of three phases. Selling prices increase with each step.

Buy the dip: a good idea?

The end of 2022 still has a lot to come. Several projects with great potential have emerged in the last few weeks and months. With the current low prices, traders can reap high returns. However, the buy the dip method also involves significant risk. Because this type of trade only makes a profit if the price rises accordingly.

Some of the mentioned projects have great potential. Nevertheless, it is possible for a pre-sale to end without a cryptocurrency being created. The developers could have misjudged the funding or the release has been delayed.

The buy dip method is considered very risky. Traders who stock tokens at a low price risk a total loss. In the worst case, the cryptocurrency falls and the trader ends up with a large number of worthless coins. Traders should therefore weigh their personal risk. If the price falls, a loss is imminent, if the price rises, returns are imminent.

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