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Of: Veronica Power


The public playgrounds in Finsing municipality, such as here on Lärchenweg, are spacious and have lots of play equipment. These places could still be maintained with the transfer payments – or new facilities could be created for children and young people. © Vroni power

Before many small “pseudo-playgrounds” are created, Finsing municipality prefers that construction projects be replaced. The large public playgrounds must remain attractive with the money.

lived – If you build houses with three or more apartments, you actually have to build a playground. Investors have recently been able to pay a fee instead. But how high should this be and what calculation is reasonable? It has now been dealt with in Finsing – and after a lot of arithmetic, a formula has been agreed.

In the Committee for Social Affairs, Family and Culture, Patryk Kitel from the building authority explained that since the amendment of the Bavarian Building Act in 2021, there has been the possibility of a fee similar to parking spaces. The funds generated in this way can be used by the municipality earmarked for existing playgrounds or other youth facilities.

There is no model charter yet

Since there is still no model bylaw from the community day, he based the draft children’s playground statute on existing bylaws, Kitel said.

It prescribes, for example, that the places for small children up to six years of age and for six to twelve-year-olds must be suitably furnished and equipped. Definitely with a sandbox, plus at least one piece of play equipment, depending on the size.

Small decentralized playgrounds – or keep the large ones attractive?

The points about the size of the playground and the transfer fee gave rise to discussions in the committee. Kitel explained the central question: “What is our goal? Do we want many small, decentralized playgrounds where only our own children and the neighbors’ children can play?”

There are private areas of this kind in Neufinsing, for example in the area of ​​the housing complex on Eschenstrasse – “and you notice that they are used less and less, the rooms are neglected and in the end they are just eating up space”. Or do you want to go in the direction of replacement to make the large public squares as attractive as possible, which also makes sense in terms of town planning? The draft statute goes in this direction.

Accordingly, construction projects that are constructed within a walking distance of 500 meters from a public playground should in any case be replaced. According to Kitel, this applies to almost the entire city centre. You want to design the sum in such a way that the transfer price is more attractive than building it yourself.

20 percent of the standard land value for calculation

The committee members did not make it easy for themselves. They discussed for an hour and worked through various examples. The focus was on the relationship between living and playing space and the minimum size of the playground.

According to Kitel, there are only reference values ​​for the calculation. The management proposed 1.5 square meters of playground for every 25 square meters of housing, but the playground had to be at least 60 square meters. For the transfer fee, 20 percent of the standard land value must be used, i.e. 220 euros at 1100 euros, plus 50 euros production costs per square meters.

Mayor Max Kressirer (WGE) was bothered by the minimum size, as this would put developers of smaller housing complexes at a disadvantage compared to large investors. Because regardless of whether you build four 80 square meter apartments or twelve – in both cases it is a 60 square meter playground and the price is always the same.

For large projects with 18 units, for example, the required area is only 90 square meters with this calculation – “it does not fit proportionally”. Kressirer was in favor of reducing the minimum size to 40 square meters.

Municipal board Suhre: The calculation must be linear

Andrea Struck (Greens) noted that she thinks a transfer is great “before you build a bunch of little pseudo-playgrounds that sooner or later become orphans”. But if an investor wants to create a play area of ​​his own, it must be big enough. Michael Suhre (WGN) also saw it that way. He would prefer a minimum size of 60 square meters. In addition, the calculation method should be linear, he interjected.

Andreas Wimmer (FWF) pointed out that the investor would pass on the transfer sum to the buyer. The prices are already so high anyway. Kressirer, on the other hand, found that if someone pays between 400,000 and 600,000 euros for an apartment, then 3,000 euros for the transfer amount is quite secondary.

The building authority should calculate examples

In the end, the committee agreed to recommend to the municipal council that 1.5 square meters of playground should be created for every twelve square meters of housing, but at least 40 square meters. A total of 270 euros per square meters to the transfer sum – the minimum transfer sum would therefore be 10,800 euros. “It would give us a linear increase,” says Kressier. The building authority should now use this formula to calculate some examples.

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